[Labatt] Michelob Ultra

michelob ultra

I'm not sure how related this is to the old (one of the original mainstream) low-carb Molson Ultra which has very similar stats (2.5 grams of carbs instead of 2.6 and such). The Ultra part uses the same font to my eyes on both and Michelob came out with this after Molson stopped. As well, while Michelob is a company from the United States, in Canada it's brewed by Labatt. I can only go by the Canadian version at this time. Keep in mind that there are different rules and regulations for beer in the U.S. than in Canada and the same brand can taste very different between the two countries.

Enough of the preamble....

Michelob Ultra
4% alc./vol, 473 ml Tall Boy can
Light Beer, 2.6 grams of carbs, 95 calories per 341 mL serving

Light amber colouring and very little head show itself upon pouring. What little head there was disappears rapidly granting a clear view of the upcoming bubbles. This nearly clear but translucent beer comes with a generic lager-style sweet scent common to mainstream brands. Heavily carbonated, the first taste is... tasteless followed by a very slight skunky-bitter aftertaste. Subsequent drinks do not add to the flavour and it has more in common with water that may have had a spritz of flavour added, you think, but you can't be sure. I find myself squeezing my face like I drank something sour but there isn't any flavour in my mouth. It's like my tongue knows there's something bad on it but simply can't identify what the bad thing is. The body isn't nearly as light as one might expect and it may feel a little heavy in the stomach. As with most cans, the pleasant tinny aftertaste shows up partway through but the beer doesn't mix well with it at all, making it seem more sour over time.

This was a terrible beer for me. I am attracted to the low-carb and low-calorie quality but not the low % or the unpleasant sensation while drinking it.

1/5 - While not completely foul, it's not redeemed enough by any good qualities to ever try again.