[MgT1-SD] Strontium Dog - Bonfear

RPG: Strontium Dog (RTT1e)

Borak Bonfear
UPP: 65D140D Search/Destroy Agent
(Strength 0, Dexterity-1, Endurance+2, Intelligence-2, Education-1, Social Standing-3, Influence+2)
30 years old, 3 Terms (entered the S/D Agency at 18)

Shambolic Mutations:
Bony Protrusion Armour Nose Bridge (+4 Inf, -6 Int)
Skeletal Nostrils (+5 Dex, -5 Influence)
Monitor Lizard Upper Jaw (+4 Inf, -4 Dex)
Hawk Eyes (-4 Dex, +5 Int)
Iguana Scale Genitals (+6 End, -4 Dex)

Aura of Fear (equal to Influence in metres - anyone within radius must make Int 8+ to do anything but cower.
Breathe fire between 1d6 & 3d6 damage once per hour (3 dice per hour, so three 1d6 breaths, a 2d6 and 1d6 breath or one 3d6 breath)- 39 metres.

Skills: Gun Combat (Blaster) 4, Survival 1, Interrogate 1, Investigate 0, Stealth 0, Navigation 0; Deception 0
Special Techniques: Leaf on the Wind (Dodge is a -3 Mod), Recovery (still conscious after two physical characteristics are at 0), Sixth Sense ()
Equipment: Multi-Beam Blaster
Credits: None

Term 1: Violent offender in easily accessible area (Gun Combat, Leaf on the Wind), hired to deal with an alien faction/threat (Navigation).
Term 2: Violent offender in remote area (Survival, Sixth Sense, Recovery); previous catch escaped and is seeking revenge.
Term 3: Violent Offender in easily accessible area; takes hostages but I save them losing the bounty who utilized a time weapon to escape (Gun Combat, Deception).
Revenge Package (Gun Combat, Interrogation)