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Original Art Holiday Commissions for 2021!

First Comics News - Wed, 10/06/2021 - 18:49
A Gift from the Heart

I’m opening 5 commission spots for Holiday gifts!!! They are 8×10″ and head portraits of a favorite character or a beloved (I would need a clear photo of that person) I painted that Elvira to show you the size and feeling of what your commission will be like. Each one will be one of a kind. I’ll use watercolour, gouache and maybe some other mediums that would bring out the best for your piece.

I’m excited to create something very special for you or a Beloved!

8×10″ Original painting on Watercolour board $250

Book Your Holiday Commission Now!

Do you Wish to Claim Elvira??? Then CLICK HERE!

Pleasant Nightmares!

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Acclaimed Author Nicholas Mennuti and Legendary Artist Howard Chaykin Collaborate on the Visionary Sci-Fi Novella SCRAP

First Comics News - Wed, 10/06/2021 - 18:30

(October 6) This fall, digital publisher NeoText will publish SCRAP, a visionary new sci-fi novella from acclaimed author Nicholas Mennuti and legendary artist Howard Chaykin.

Meet Travis Schrader. He works nights at a data center housing the world’s most secret and sensitive information, which might sound exciting on the surface. But in practice, Travis is nothing more than a glorified midnight watchman with an advanced degree in engineering, plodding along on a fifteen-dollar-an-hour temporary contract. In short, Travis isn’t exactly changing the world. But who knew that aimlessly wandering through life meant you can be purchased by the highest bidder in the year 2431?

Travis is about to find out when he’s whisked from the data center to the future, where he is now the property of the world’s most powerful corporation and forced to do their bidding with no questions asked. He learns that his empty existence has placed him just far enough outside the progression of the space time continuum that his life can be manipulated without setting off a butterfly effect, as such, he has been “conscripted” as the company’s literal property, sold like corporate scrap. Now he will be sent out on dangerous missions to serve the interests of an elite super-class warring for the last few remaining spoils, and whose lives are far too important to risk.

Before it’s too late, Travis must realize that playing it safe in the future is no longer an option, if he wants to stay alive in the present.

The visionary sci-fi novella SCRAP will be published on October 12, 2021.

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REVIEW CORNER: What If Spider-Man Joined The Fantastic Four?

First Comics News - Wed, 10/06/2021 - 17:03
What If…? (Vol. 1) # 1 (What If Spider-Man Joined The Fantastic Four?) Writer: Roy Thomas Penciller: Jim Craig Inker: Pablo Marcus Letterer: John Constanza Colorist: Janice Cohen Cover Date: February 1977 Rating: With the season finale of “What If…?” now on the horizon, I’ll wrap up a series of What If reviews by taking a look at the one issue that started it all What If..? # 1 from 1977, where it asks the question What If Spider-Man Joined The Fantastic Four? In Amazing Spider-Man # 1, Spider-Man tried his hand at joining the FF in hopes of gaining funds and joining the team. While it didn’t work out, in this new reality Spidey suddenly gets called back by The Invisible Woman, then as the FF is renamed The Fantastic Five, quickly gaining triumph of the enemies they defeated, it doesn’t take long before Susan Storm finds herself the odd woman out as she spends most of her time sitting behind a monitor but things take a drastic turn as she ends up in the arms of Namor, The Sub Mariner (Who’s always carried a torch for Sue). The story itself, written by Roy Thomas (One of the most iconic writers to come out of Marvel during the 70s), does a great job of taking the early adventures of both Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four and blending them into a story that not only revels in its action but helped kick off this unique concept that’s been a staple of Marvel for many decades. I always felt like Spider-Man should be on a team, especially one like the FF that explores the unknown. So in my opinion, seeing them together works well on all levels; Not going to lie, the ending is pretty sad (**NO SPOILERS**) but this story delivered something very out of the ordinary, but did it with flair and made us wonder what would happen if things turned out differently. Well, that about does it for my series of “What If…?” reviews, next week I’ll be back with another review so thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.
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First Comics News - Wed, 10/06/2021 - 16:27

Trouble has a way of following JANE VASKO, so when an international job leads to her reuniting with someone from her past, the stakes are raised and the enemy will stop at nothing to ensure the mission is a failure.  In PAINKILLER JANE: HEARTBREAKER, writer JIMMY PALMIOTTI, art team of ROMINA MORANELLI and JOHN J. HILL take fans on an action-packed ride full of excitement, romance and life changing hazards! Featuring covers from superstars AMANDA CONNER, BILL SIENKIEWICZ, JG JONES JOSH BURNS,  AMANDA CONNER and an awesome cosplay cover by JENNIFER VAN DAMSEL and DAVE JOHNSON.

The creative team of Amanda Conner (@amandarantsalot)  and Jimmy Palmiotti (@jpalmiotti) and PaperFilms (@paperfilms1)  have launched and funded with extreme success 16 straight Kickstarter projects thanks to the wonderful support of their fans, they’re back for more!

With the latest campaign, the team returns to one of their favorite creations, PAINKILLER JANE! Launching now is PAINKILLER JANE: HEARTBREAKER, a 48 page, self-contained one shot story from the creative team of of JIMMY PALMIOTTI (Harley Quinn, Painkiller Jane, Marvel Knights), artist ROMINA MORANELLI (Sex and Violence, Glarien), and designer extraordinaire JOHN J. HILL (Rage, Painkiller Jane, Sex & Violence, Pop Kill, Crossover) who team up to present an action packed adventure of Painkiller Jane teaming up with a surprise co-star from her past to deliver a special package. With high stakes, high drama, sexual themes, and TONS of action makes this a Mature Audience title.

Reward tiers include limited covers by a jaw dropping lineup, cosplay covers, exclusive remarque options along with the ever popular Mystery Box option.

To help launch this exciting return of PAINKILLER JANE, we’ve recruited a murder’s row of cover artists to give JANE the proper splash this story needs. With standard cover by ROMINA MORANELLI, we’ve added variant covers by: BILL SIENKIEWICZ (Elektra Assassin, Painkiller Jane, New Mutants), JG JONES (Black Widow, Final Crisis, Wanted, Strange Fruit), JOSH BURNS (Zenscope, History Channel), AMANDA CONNER (The Pro, Painkiller Jane, Harley Quinn, Power Girl, Before Watchmen) and an awesome cosplay cover by JENNIFER VAN DAMSEL and DAVE JOHNSON (100 Bullets, Superman: Red Son, Pop Kill). This mega team provides limited edition and printed covers for this project!


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How to Deposit And Withdraw Money in Ethereum Casinos

First Comics News - Wed, 10/06/2021 - 16:07

In the past few years, casino operators have embraced cryptocurrency transactions. Along with Bitcoin, Ethereum is a popular method due to the security and convenience it provides. Players who value privacy and flexibility enjoy fast, anonymous, and reliable transfers. Here is how Ethereum deposits and withdrawals work.

Where to Play

Some of the most popular casino Ethereum sites are licensed in Curacao. Websites approved by the UKGC or MGA usually accept payments in Ethereum, but do not allow you to gamble with it — i.e., you have to convert your coins into their primary fiat currency like GBP or USD.

Making a Deposit

To get started at a cryptocurrency-friendly casino, visit its virtual cashier page and send a transaction from your Ethereum wallet. This requires its address or a specific QR code.

Open your wallet and go to the “Send” section. Enter the address of the recipient (the casino will provide it to you) and the amount. Confirm the transaction, and your funds will arrive in the casino account in a few minutes.

Ethereum-Only Casinos

Aside from hybrid websites combining Ethereum with common payment methods like Visa or PayPal, you can find purely ETH casinos where smart contracts replace random number generators. The apps are connected to the blockchain, so the decentralized network delivers random outcomes. On the downside, the number of these games is very limited, and the operators are not licensed by respectable regulatory bodies.

How to Withdraw to Ethereum

To collect any winnings, you need your personal recipient address, which is found in the wallet app. Open the wallet and look at the “Receive” section for this information. Make sure you pick the right cryptocurrency, or the payment will fail. Select Ethereum to see the address. It is a string of digits and letters, both lowercase and uppercase. You can also find the sequence in your transaction history.

Go to the cashier page of the casino site. Paste the wallet address in the corresponding field, specify the amount and confirm the transfer. After the operator approves the request, you will get your funds almost quickly. Normally, this takes a couple of minutes unless the blockchain is particularly “busy”.

Overview of Fees

The biggest drawback of transfers in Ethereum is the fee, although it is relatively negligible. You have to contribute to the network that processes the transactions. If you want your transfers to get high priority, you should be okay with higher charges. Gamblers can increase or decrease the fees themselves. However, the default setting is enough in most cases.

Gamblers should understand that the fee is charged by the network, not the casino operator. Find out about any potential extra costs and transaction fees before creating an account.

High Withdrawal Limits

Unlike regular casinos, platforms that accept cryptocurrency allow you to deposit and withdraw higher amounts. This makes Bitcoin and Ethereum particularly attractive for high rollers.

Ethereum Bonuses

Almost every Ethereum-friendly casino offers deposit bonuses. Usually, they take the form of match bonuses. The operator adds a fixed percentage of your transfer to the balance. The biggest advantage is that the value of Ethereum bonuses is often much greater. The rewards may include free spins, free cash, cashback, VIP benefits, tournaments, etc.

Almost all conventional sites limit the maximum size of their rewards. This does not usually happen with Ethereum bonuses, as their upper limits are much higher or unlimited. The more you deposit, the more you will get.

To Sum Up

Online casinos that accept Ethereum offer quick, secure, and anonymous transactions. This form of gambling is only available in some countries, and pure Ethereum games are fairly limited. First-time users may find it daunting to set everything up, but the benefits outweigh the cons. The volatile nature of the altcoin means that your bonuses and deposits may gain value over time.

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Wednesday Comics: DC, January 1981 (wk 1, pt 1)

Sorcerer's Skull - Wed, 10/06/2021 - 11:00
I'm reading DC Comics' output from January 1980 (cover date) to Crisis! This week, I start my second year (cover date-wise). I'm looking at the comics at newsstands on the week of  October 9, 1980. 

Batman #331: Wolfman and Fleisher team-up on the writing credits (Fleisher is credited as "scripter." Maybe Wolfman is spreading himself thin?) with workmanlike Novick pencils. A lethal vigilante, The Electrocutioner, stalks the streets of Gotham killing criminals that got off on a "technicality" which there seemed to be a lot of in 80s media. These days, we tend to think of that as "due process" and "civil rights." Anyway, Batman wants to stop this guy, but almost gets electrocuted the first time he tries. The next time they fight, the Electrocutioner seems to die of his own gimmick, but we get the ol' hand reaching out of the water bit, so you know he'll be back. In the midst of all that Robin just wants to talk about their relationship, because he knows Bruce is mad at him for quitting college, but Bruce just wants to catch the bad guy. When Dick discovers Bruce is letting Talia stay at his place, he blows up and storms out. Honestly, Wolfman is really trying to make this riff between the dynamic duo a thing, but at all comes off so one-sided, like Dick is just spoiling for a fight with Bruce. 

The backup story by Barr and Newton, has Batman disguising himself as a cop to infiltrate the GCPD and expose a corrupt cop who may be a friend to Gordon. It turns out there is a corrupt cop, but he isn't Gordon's friend, but one of that guy's colleagues. What's interesting about this story is Barr has Batman in disguise on a police firing range unable to shoot because he has a "psychological block" against using a gun. It's odd that Barr writes this, because in 1987 he'll write the infamous "Batman: Year Two" arc where a young Batman is forced to use a gun against the Reaper. He also will write other Batman stories post-Crisis where Batman will occasionally pick up a gun. I wonder what changed his mind?

DC Comics Presents #29: Starlin brings a bit of his cosmic flourish to an encounter between Superman and the Spectre. Picking up where last issue left off, Superman is trying to find his cousin, who went flying off to who knows where at supraluminal speeds. Superman goes faster and faster until he shifts into higher planes of existence. He sees Supergirl, but then the Spectre stops him. Spectre tells Superman that the one he works for has sent him to stop the Man of Steel, but just like in the recent Martian Manhunter issue Superman takes anyone telling him to hold on a second as an invitation to fight. Not that he can do anything to the Spectre who is by now in his cosmic being mode. Superman eventually gives up, and Spectre presents Supergirl, still unconscious. He explains that Superman's actions ripping the fabric of reality and all could have destroyed whole universes. Superman has learned his lesson, and he and his cousin head home. This issue reminds me a lot of an issue of Alan Moore's Supreme, with a Starlin-esque style and a run in with a Spectre stand-in that humbled the titular character.  
The backup is "What Ever Happened To..." Dr. Mid-Nite. Again, I feel like Rozakis and Saviuk just give us essentially another Dr. Mid-Nite adventure. It doesn't really live up to the title.  

Flash #294: Conway pinch hits for Bates and has the Flash fighting the Pied Piper in a story lame enough that it loses the cover to the backup feature. Pied Piper is blackmailing cities by leading hordes of exotic animals (from zoos or something? I don't know) to attack unless he's paid off to "lead them away." No one can figure out how he's summoning them, but Flash eventually does and uses the Piper's own trick against him.
In the Firestorm backup, the Flash accidentally causes a sonic boom beneath Superman's flying prison, and the Atomic Skull gets loose. The Flash actually hitches a hide on a jet liner then runs across the clouds to check it out. Anyway, a blast from the Atomic Skull irradiates him, and the Flash will be a swift moving hazard unless he can find some way to get rid of it. He goes to Firestorm for help who obliges, but then gets drunk off all the nuclear energy. The Flash has got to manage drunk Firestorm to get him to take out the Atomic Skull. It's goofy enough for a Bob Haney yarn, but it's just more Conway.

Ghosts #96: Doctor Thirteen keeps ghostbreakin' in a story by Kupperberg and Adams. An air show is apparently haunted by the ghost of a WWI pilot, but when a vintage biplane with no one at the controls shoots down another plane, killing the pilot, Thirteen is on the case. It turns out it's a guy with a remote control device and an overly complicated plan, hoping to crash the plane into an office to destroy records of his embezzlement. See, there's no such thing as ghosts!
Meanwhile, the rest of the comic is full of ghosts. Kashdan and Henson have two stories this issue. The first involves a criminal who can't escape from a train because the engineer he killed still has his ghostly foot on the deadman's clutch until the train arrives at the prison. In "The Phantom Strangler" a buffalo poacher is smothered to death inside the buffalo carcass he's sleeping in overnight by the ghost of the man he killed. Finally, Allikas and Landgraf reveal "Dread of the Deadly Domestic" which is really a cautionary tale about not taking a reference for a housekeeper from the sister of your dead wife who thinks your a murderer. While Rodney's away in Europe, the new zombie-like housekeeper with fuchsia hair terrorizes his wife who becomes convinced the maid's the ghost of Rodney's former wife. Rodney returns form Europe just in time to reveal it was all a ruse and the housekeeper is actually his former sister-in-law doing some sort of Scooby-Doo-esque scaring. How has Rodney deduced all this? Twist! His plane went down over the Atlantic, and he's a ghost. The ghost of his former wife told him.

Jonah Hex #44: The story continues from last issue, with Hart and Hex having escaped the Apaches, but now facing the Spast Brothers. The Brothers crease Hart's scalp, knocking him out, and Hex gets shot in the shoulder. They make it to the river where they hide out until the Spasts are gone. Hex takes Hart to a farm house to heal while he sets out to clear his name. Mei Ling, meanwhile, has recuperated and gone to a saloon to try to find Hex, only to find the Spast Brothers. Hex shows up and guns them all down when they threaten his girl. Back at the farm, Hart reads the message Hex left for him, then helps the family fight off an attack by the bandits sent to run them off by the land-grabbing, wealthy cabal in town. That cabal hears that Hex is still alive when he and Hart appear to be facing off in the street. Hex outdraws the marshall, then goes to negotiate with the businessmen. They confirm his suspicions about their misdeeds and offer to cut him in if he'll finish running off the homesteaders. Marshall Hart, very much alive, has heard their confession and arrests them. He and Hex had planned a ruse to flush them out. DeZuniga joins as inker here. He'll be on this title for quite some time.
Next issue, Hex is to be married to Mei Ling. I'm sure that will go off with no problems.

G.I. Combat #225: As usual, there are two Haunted Tanks stories written by Kanigher with art by Glanzman and Ayers. The first is the best of the two, with the tank crawling through a cave on the lookout for a secret weapons cache, which Prussian military officers plan to use to start another world war after Hitler's inevitable defeat. Thankfully, the cave has tunnels big enough for the tank crew to complete their mission, and the leader of the cabal is fortuitously killed in the Allied bombing of Dresden. The second story sees the Haunted Tank damaged, without working weapons and forced to tow a Stuart tank with weapons but no functioning treads, becoming a "2 for 1 Tank." We get a flashback to the early days when the Haunted Tank first became haunted and they had another loader before Gus named Arch.
The others stories include an O.S.S. tale, where in a departure, the protagonist survives. He gets close enough to kidnap a German scientist working on chemical weapons in Italy by taking a sedative and playing a corpse in a coffin. He smuggles the scientist out of the country in the same way. Boltinoff and Matucenio deliver a perfunctory story about a glider crew in the Invasion of Normandy. Haney and Evans present a yarn about a wheelchair bound vet who deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions in the war, but nobody survived to write the report to get him one. One day, after a chance encounter with the Japanese ambassador in Washington, the soldier accompanying the ambassador reveals he was the enemy commander on that island that day and confirms the vet's story. The short yarn by Allikas and Amongo has a salty old British fisherman getting the better of a German frogman with a bucket of chum and a hungry shark.

Justice League of America #186: This issue is dedicated to Dick Dillin. Conway is again joined by Perez for the return of the Shaggy Man. Or rather return of one of the two Shaggy Men. The Shaggy Man is rampaging through Moscow and the JLA, absent their heavy-hitters have to rely on Batman's planning to stop him. After leading the Shaggy Man where they want him to go, Batman lures him onto a rocket and they blast him into space. Maybe not as epic as the New Gods arc, but I feel like Conway is getting a much better feel for the JLA now and delivering solid, Bronze Age stories.


First Comics News - Wed, 10/06/2021 - 08:12

Cynthia von Buhler’s latest graphic novel is woven around little-known historical facts such as Nazi interest in Nikola Tesla’s death ray, Josephine Baker’s spy activity during WWII, and Donald Trump’s uncle’s involvement following Tesla’s mysterious death.

OCT 5, 2021 – Titan Comics and Hard Case Crime are thrilled to announce the return of the critically acclaimed Minky Woodcock hardboiled detective series in a brand-new graphic novel arriving in stores on November 9, 2021. Written and illustrated by award-winning artist, author, director, and playwright Cynthia von Buhler, Minky Woodcock: The Girl Who Electrified Tesla also features stunning cover art by the legendary Robert McGinnis, poster artist for classic films such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the original James Bond movies.

Minky’s new adventure is set during World War II, nearly two decades after the events of the first volume (Minky Woodcock: The Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini) and pits the talented female detective against another sinister and twisted conspiracy when she gets involved with world-renowned inventor Nikola Tesla, Nazi agents, and the race to command the world’s first weapon of mass destruction. Based on extensive historical research by von Buhler, the story teams the fictional Minky Woodcock with real-world figures such as the ground-breaking performer Josephine Baker, who secretly spied for the French during the war; Nazi agent Otto Skorzency; multiple generations of the J.P. Morgan family, driven by greed to stifle Tesla’s inventions; and Dr. John Trump, Donald Trump’s scientist uncle, who was recruited by the FBI to investigate Tesla’s design for a death ray.

Von Buhler’s past projects include collaborations with Steven Spielberg, Clive Barker, and Neil Gaiman, who said he was “seduced by Cynthia von Buhler’s artwork. She is a wonder.” Geeks Worldwide described the first Minky Woodcock volume as “Stunning…10 out of 10,” while NB Magazine called it “bold and extravagant…weaves fantasy into fact to dazzling effect.”

Cynthia von Buhler is not only the creative talent behind Minky Woodcock, but also an internationally celebrated artist and the visionary creator of Titan’s bestselling graphic novel The Illuminati Ball and the immersive NYC theatrical experience of the same name. Her work has featured in outlets including the New York Times, Broadway World, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

Describing Minky’s new adventure, von Buhler said, “As with the Houdini episode, all the anecdotes related to Tesla’s life in my book are based on fact. I really love finding bizarre, unbelievable facts and weaving them into my stories.”

Minky Woodcock: The Girl Who Electrified Tesla will be available from comic shops, bookstores and digital platforms on November 9, 2021, and is available to pre-order from Forbidden Planet (UK & Europe) and Amazon (US). The official Minky Woodcock website is

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Minaria: Half-Elves

Sorcerer's Skull - Mon, 10/04/2021 - 11:00
This continues the series on my version of the world of Minaria, extrapolated from the map, manuals, and pieces of the boardgame, Divine Right.

In my post about the elves of Neuth last week I neglected to discuss the Ercii or Half-elves. The name comes from a contraction of the Elvish term for "mixed blood." Half-elves have faced persecution within the forest of Neuth, alternately being expelled or limited in terms of their movements and activities.

Some Ercii, however, do perform an important function within Elven society, and members of that select group have even managed to prosper. Elven nobility finds direct engagement with financial matters beneath their station. Unwilling however, to leave these matters strictly to elves or lower station, have brought on individual Ercii or sometimes groups of them as factors or bookkeepers. Some of these have become prosperous enough to be able to act independently acted as moneylenders to other noble houses.

The Elvish Crown has also employed Ercii as ambassadors or diplomats to other lands or and allows them to operate as money changers (so long as the Crown gets its share of the profits). Some of the these Ercii have not only become wealthy but able to wield (discretely) a great deal of political power. Perhaps some times more power than the Elves know, as they are the conduit through which the kingdom interacts with the outside world.

Still, their status as second class citizens is something they are unlikely to forget. Many Ercii in service to Elven nobles were taken from their families as infants and raised as servants to the noble house. More than one has had their fortune seized by a covetous noble who claimed it was their due. Others have lost their lives for their effrontery of being a noble's creditor.

Minaria: Elfland

Sorcerer's Skull - Fri, 10/01/2021 - 11:00

This is the first post in a series, perhaps. My version of Minaria, extrapolated from the map, manuals, and pieces of the boardgame, Divine Right.

Humans are not welcome in the shadowed and quiet forests of Elfland. This antipathy is ancient. In the age following the fall of the Lloroi Empire, the Elves of Neuth (as they call the great forest in their own language) viewed the primitive tribes that they encountered as they ventured from their home as little more than clever beasts. The years have taught them that those beasts can be dangerous; they have learned to be wary of humans, but not to respect them.

The Elves believe themselves to the heirs to the Lloroi, possibly even a direct continuation of that great race. They take pride in being the only culture to withstand the Cataclysm without a reversion to barbarism. They prefer not to discuss the crumbling spires of their half-buried, ancient capital of Letho or the much reduced extent of their lands.

The Great Forest is relatively unspoiled by human standards. Their craft and science (they do not call it magic) is such that their communities often blend into their surroundings. Only another elf might know that they were there.

Humans who have dared to enter the forest easily become lost and often have returned with their memories completely gone. Those are the ones that return at all. Elven rangers patrol the wood with hounds whose howls are uncannily like human voices in lamentation and whose all too human faces hold horror in their eyes. Few elven settlements would give shelter to human stranger, raised as every elf is on tales of the malice of the beast Man.

"One day," say the elven lords to their knights when they are feasting in their hidden halls. "One day our host will ride forth and scatter the human rabble before us."

Wednesday Comics: DC, December 1980 (wk 2, pt 2)

Sorcerer's Skull - Wed, 09/29/2021 - 11:00
My goal: read DC Comics' output from January 1980 (cover date) to Crisis! This week, I'm looking at the comics at newsstands around September 25, 1980. 

Legion of Super-Heroes #270: Conway's and Janes' story continues with most of the Legionnaires in the hands of the Fatal Five. Timber Wolf warns the others, but Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl are captured when the villains assault the Legion headquarters. Only Light Lass and Timber Wolf remain free to come to the rescue. The Fatal Five, however, are at least somewhat distracted by their resentment at having to take orders from the mysterious Dark Man. Timber Wolf discovers the identity of the Dark Man at the end of the issue: he's an unbifurcated Tharok! Another solid issue from this creative team.

Mystery in Space #114: This issue is a mixed bag. The first story by Wessler and Craig has a couple trying to find a refugee from their world that's imperiled by an imminent collision with another planet, only to fall into the hands of a planetary despot. The woman appears to choose to marry the despot and have her former lover exiled, but that's only a ruse to allow him to escape. The planet they arrived on is the planet their homeworld is going to collide with! The next story by Levitz and Spiegle is slight, but a little more clever. We follow a day in the life of a really nice guy in the future, only to find out it is only for the sake of this good-hearted guy that tentacled, extradimensional horrors haven't yet destroyed the Earth.
The co-creators of Blue Devil and Amethyst, Mishkin and Cohn, team-up with von Eeden for a kind of shaggy dog story about a man escaping a future conquest of Earth in a vessel with a damaged warp drive. It sends him back in time to...Ellis Island. Skeates and Ditko team up for a cynical, EC-esque story about a loving couple leaving a time capsule to be found by future generations. Their heart-felt expression of love only becomes another reason for people to kill each other in the primitive, post-apocalyptic future. Conway and Yeates finish out the issue with a time travel yarn about an attempt to kill Hitler that leads to a worse consequence--which precipitates a chain of assassinations as successive time travelers try to fix the failures of the past.

New Adventures of Superboy #12: The lead story here is weird because Bates seems leave the primary conflict unresolved. A harried Superboy still dressed as Clark Kent winds up saving a rich man from driving off a cliff. The man uses his resources to track Clark down and begins publicizing his heroism and putting down Superboy as not as heroic because he has powers to protect him from danger that the man assumes Clark does not. Neither Clark nor the Kents like all the attention he is getting. This plotline is never really resolved; Instead, the rich man's nephew and heir tries to kill Clark and Superboy stops him. Maybe they're going to deal with Clark still being famous next issue, but I kind of doubt it. The backup by Bridwell and Tanghal relates Superboy's first meeting with Perry White where he reveals to the world in an interview that he's an alien. This story is mainly interesting because Superboy says he revealed his origins to President Eisenhower, thus setting these events somewhat specifically in time.

Sgt. Rock #347: This issue opens with one of Kanigher's blunt and simplistic, but not ineffective, anti-war tales. Easy is saved from a tank by the heroic actions of their CO, but the man is left blind and dumb, if not in something of a vegetative state. With the Germans advancing, the staff plans to leave him in the hospital for the Germans to find and move to one of their hospitals as the rules of war dictate. Rock isn't having any of that, so he personally drives the mute and expressionless officer through a forest, avoiding a German personnel carrier, and nearly getting blown away by a artillery. On the way, Rock talks of his father (dead in a steel mill accident), his brother (dead in a daredevil dive off a bridge), and his other brother (missing since the Japanese took the Philippines). Rock sees his company advancing into the range of the artillery and takes what action he can to save them. After the battle, they find the CO was killed by shrapnel in the drive over. Rock opines he bled to death without a word, as if perhaps that was a measure of his mettle, but the man hadn't spoken since his original injury. It was unclear if he could. Anyway, Easy Company buries him and moves on to the next battle.
In the next story by Kelley and Severin, a bomber going down under fire thinking it's mission to destroy a German refinery was a failure lucks up and hits the real refinery. We get a second Sgt. Rock story or vignette about the Easy Company member Little Sure Shot. There's a one page profile on the Seneca war chief Cornplanter, then a story by Eads and Veitch about the only woman "who ever lead an American armed expedition against enemy forces," Harriet Tubman.

Super Friends #39: The Overlord decides to send evolved clones after the Super Friends. The first proves too powerful for them until they use his advanced traits against him, finally weakening him with concentrated exposure to a trace element in the Earth's atmosphere--krypton. A clever, though perhaps goofy, turn in a definitely goofy story. The Bridwell/Tanghal backup story has the Wonder Twins at a disco and tangling with a DJ and lightning tech using their powers for no good. These Wonder Twin stories are mildly interesting (mildly!) if you think about the roundabout ways they defeat villains. Who would ever think "form of a peacock" would be the right call?

Unexpected #205: This one is pretty good. First up, we get a Johnny Peril story by Barr and Sparling. Young Angela Lake has apparently been possessed for a second time, but Peril smells a rat, not brimstone. It turns out the exorcist is also a hypnotist and has faked Angela's possessions. The story ends with the possibility the exorcist himself might be possessed, though Johnny doesn't buy it. "A Match Made in Hades" by Kashdan and Rubeny has a lovelorn businessman buying a love potion from an old witch. When the object of his affections becomes positively obsessed and scary, he pays a hefty price for the antidote. Only then do we discover that the young woman is the witch's daughter, and it has all been a con. The last story by DeMatteis and Catan winds up getting reprinted in the Best of DC digest in 1981. Bruce used occultism to literally retreat into a psychic realm of fantasy after Cornelia dumped him. But he can't escape reality entirely, and his efforts to do just that cause him to confuse the two, resulting in the tragic death of Cornelia. To pay for his crime, Bruce sends himself to a Hell literally of his own imagining.

Unknown Soldier #246: Haney and Ayers/Tlaloc have the Soldier in Egypt, trying to help defeat Rommel. He winds up chasing a spy named with stolen war plans from Cairo into the desert. There are sandstorms and bandits-- and then the Soldier finds out it was all a trick! He unwittingly delivered the plans to Rommel himself. Luckily, some quick improvising on the Soldier's part makes Rommel think the plans are misdirection, so the Desert Fox is defeated in the Allied offensive, though he escapes to fight another day. Kanigher and Yeates give us a tale of the Vikings where an aging Chieftain discovers his greatest warrior in a recent raid was actually his daughter in disguise. The final story by Burkett and Ayers is continued, but starts off with a classic war comic opening: U.S. aviator is disparaging the "ruptured duck" B-17 he's forced to fly. When they reach the bombing target the bay doors won't open. They are unaware one of their crew (captured after the last raid) is being held in the German installation beneath them.

Warlord #40: Read more about it here. No OMAC back-up in this issue. Instead we get a "Tale of Wizard World."

Schedule Update: PYRATE QUEEN #2 & THE LOT #4 Out Next Wednesday, MONSTER KILL SQUAD #2 Delayed Until the 13th.

First Comics News - Mon, 09/27/2021 - 21:42

Schedule Update: PYRATE QUEEN #2 & THE LOT #4 Out Next Wednesday, MONSTER KILL SQUAD #2 Delayed Until the 13th.
Due to the ongoing labor and paper shortages in the printing industry, BAD IDEA is taking the preemptive measure of moving the MONSTER KILL SQUAD #2-4 release dates from the first week of the month to the second week.

Issue #2 will now arrive Wednesday, October 13th, issue #3 will arrive Wednesday, November 10th and issue #4 will arrive Wednesday, December 8th.

We anticipate that this will not be the last release affected by the ongoing crisis facing the printing industry and will share updates on future changes as we have them. *** MONSTER KILL SQUAD #2 ***
$6.99 EACH  |  32 PGS.  |  NO ADS  |  ON SALE OCTOBER 13, 2021 

Once upon a time, monster attacks were rare. A forest witch might murder a few hikers, a killer clown might eat a few children, or a malevolent ghost might drive a young couple insane just for the hell of it. But these events were scarce, easily covered up, and soon faded into campfire stories good for a laugh.

But no one’s laughing now. Over the past 90 days, cryptozoological attacks have increased a hundredfold, and the arcane has become everyday. Monsters of every shape and size strike at will, and the good, taxpaying folks of the US of A have had enough of this nonsense.

Enter: THE MONSTER KILL SQUAD. A Government Unit of the most dangerous motherfuckers on the planet, the deadliest folks alive are here to put a bullet in the brain of everything that walks, crawls, flies, or hides in shadows. And if it doesn’t have a brain, all the better — we’ve got a gun for that, too.

Witches and wraiths. Demons and deadites. Goblins and ghosts. There have always been monsters. Now there are monster killers, and the MKS will kill it, and kill it good.

Interior Art by Tomas Giorello with Diego Rodriguez
Remember, the BAD IDEA way also means no variants, no trades, no digital, select stores, perennially available Not First Printings and no more than approximately two comics a month – just monthly comics, sold in comic book shops. Goodbye, troubles. Hello, BAD IDEA SIMPLICITY™.

Wanna get in while the gettin’s good with Bad Idea?  You simply have to visit a Bad Idea “Destination Store” — one of the 200 and counting comic shops around the world that have joined our independent network of direct-distribution retail partners — to pick up all the glorious BAD IDEA books every first Wednesday of the month. (Or pre-order in advance to make sure you secure your copy.)

We’ve made it even easier, too. To locate a Bad Idea retailer near you and then pre-order any and every Bad Idea title, simply click here and fill out the little form.

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First Comics News - Mon, 09/27/2021 - 21:24

All six MARVEL’S VOICES: COMMUNITY #1 covers revealed, featuring artwork by Joe Quesada, George Pérez, Mateus Manhanini, Maria Wolf, Natacha Bustos, Nabetse Zitro, and Humberto Ramos!


New York, NY— September 27, 2021 — This November, Marvel Comics is proud to present MARVEL’S VOICES: COMUNIDADES! This latest one-shot in the groundbreaking Marvel’s Voices series will continue the tradition of highlighting the cultural richness of Marvel Comics and uplifting new voices in the comic book industry. Following the success of MARVEL’S VOICES: LEGACY and MARVEL’S VOICES: PRIDE, MARVEL’S VOICES: COMUNIDADES will turn the spotlight to Latino and Latinx heroes and creators from all corners of the Marvel Universe. These all-new stories will feature thrilling adventures of some of Marvel’s most popular heroes while celebrating the range of their cultural heritage as told by fan-favorite writers and artists and those making their Marvel Comics debut.


Marvel’s first Latino super hero, White Tiger, was created by writer Bill Mantlo and artist George Pérez in 1974’s DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU #19. Since then, Marvel has introduced many new Latino-descent heroes from a multitude of different backgrounds including current stars such as Miles Morales, America Chavez, and Reptil. Join us in celebrating these heroes and many more when MARVEL’S VOICES: COMUNIDADES #1 hits stands on November 10!











Variant Cover by NATACHA BUSTOS

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First Comics News - Mon, 09/27/2021 - 21:17

September 27th, 2021 – From an internship to the Editorial department…

Meet former Valiant Entertainment intern and current Valiant Assistant Editor Audrey Meeker. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sequential Art and a minor in Creative Writing from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Audrey learned a lot about the hard work that goes into creating comics during her education. “I gained a lot of invaluable knowledge on the comics-making process from both my professors and the industry professionals they brought in,” said Audrey. “While in school, my peers and I also started a micro-press called Level Ground Comics. This collaborative experience really set me on the path to wanting to work in comics publishing as an editor.”

After making an impact as an intern, Valiant was more than happy to offer Audrey the opportunity to join the team full-time as an Assistant Editor. Audrey’s responsibilities include communicating with comic book creators, reviewing pitches, managing and organizing files, and supporting Executive Editor Rob Levin and Senior Editor Lysa Hawkins. “I’m excited about working with the people in this company,” stated Audrey about returning to Valiant after her internship. “They made me feel very valued as an intern, and I’m now excited about working beside them to make great stories.

Lysa is confident that Audrey’s creativity and drive will help Valiant reach new heights. “Audrey is a great addition to our editorial troop. She brought a fresh new vision as our intern, and we are so excited to see what she will bring to the table as our assistant. Huzzah, Audrey!

Fun fact: Audrey’s favorite Valiant character is Punk Mambo. “I think her character design is super unique, and I especially love her take-no-prisoners attitude,” explained Audrey. “Plus, the complexity of her character makes me want to learn more and more about her, which I may get to do in the future…

Luckily for Audrey, Punk Mambo will return in the next arc of SHADOWMAN, which begins in issue #5 this January.

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New York Comic Con 2021 presents The Sandman on Audible

First Comics News - Mon, 09/27/2021 - 18:14

Listen to ‘The Sandman’ FREE!

For a limited time, you can binge on the DC graphic novels written by Neil Gaiman. Hear it before you enter the Dreaming again with ‘The Sandman: Act II,’ available NOW, only on Audible.

Offer available to U.S. listeners only. Ends October 22, 2021. Prepare yourself The Sandman on Audible:

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First Comics News - Mon, 09/27/2021 - 14:35

This week’s issue of the exclusive ‘X-Men Unlimited’ series introduces a new creative team and story arc

With the recent app relaunch, Marvel Unlimited introduced its exclusive Infinity Comics: full screen high-resolution vertical comics designed for phone and tablet. The latest addition to the Infinity Comics lineup, X-MEN UNLIMITED #5 kicks off the “X-Men: Green” arc, an 8-part storyline set within current Krakoan continuity.

Writer Gerry Duggan (“X-Men,” “Marauders”) teams with artists Emilio Laiso and Rachelle Rosenberg for X-MEN UNLIMITED’s latest saga, an unexpected arc that will impact the human world! Read the first part of “X-Men: Green” in the Marvel Unlimited app now, and read new chapters weekly each Monday!

X-Men Unlimited #5

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Artist: Emilio Laiso

Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg

When tragedy washes up on the shores of Krakoa, one X-Man decides to take matters into her own hands, going against the wishes of the Council and the laws of the young mutant nation. But with the planet on the line, she’s determined to do what it takes… no matter what the X-Men throw in her way.

Following the “X-Men: Green” story, fans can expect a new rotating adventure starring an all-new cast of mutants, as well as the return of creator Declan Shalvey on Wolverine’s “Latitude” arc, the series’ opening story from X-MEN UNLIMITED #1-4.

Marvel Unlimited is a one-stop destination for over 29,000 comics spanning the entire Marvel Universe. The app available on For iPhone®, iPad®, Android devices™ and web. For more information on new Marvel Unlimited comics, please visit:

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First Comics News - Mon, 09/27/2021 - 14:29

STAMFORD, Conn., September 27, 2021 –  WWE® (NYSE: WWE) today announced that Royal Rumble will take place from The Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis on Saturday, January 29, 2022, marking the largest venue to host the event in its illustrious 30+ year history.

Tickets will go on sale Friday, October 15 at 11 am ET/10 am CT via Ticketmaster. Fans interested in an exclusive Royal Rumble presale opportunity can register at

“WWE has a rich history in St. Louis and we are excited to bring Royal Rumble to the Dome at America’s Center, a venue that has hosted countless large-scale sports and entertainment events,” said John P. Saboor, WWE Executive Vice President of Special Events. “We look forward to giving the WWE Universe an opportunity to experience all that St. Louis has to offer.”

“The City of St. Louis is thrilled to host Royal Rumble at the Dome at America’s Center in January,” said St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones. “St. Louis has the best sports scene in the country, and Royal Rumble will enhance it even more. This event is an incredible opportunity for our city, bringing WWE fans from across the nation to St. Louis and helping keep our downtown vibrant during the winter season.”

Royal Rumble will stream live at 8 pm ET exclusively on Peacock in the United States and WWE Network everywhere else. The event will be headlined by two 30-men and 30-women Royal Rumble matches, with the winners of both receiving a Championship match opportunity at WrestleMania in Dallas.

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RICH REVIEWS: Carriers # 1

First Comics News - Mon, 09/27/2021 - 13:57

Title: Carriers # 1
Publisher: Red 5 Comics
Created: Ben Ferrari, Erica Heflin
Story: Erica Heflin
Pencils: Jim O’Riley, Elias Martin
Inks: Silas Dixon, Elias Martin
Color: Sebastian Valencia
Letters: Warren Montgomery
Covers: Elias Martin
Price: $ 3.95 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The pigeons here are armed and wearing armor these birds are ready to fight. The coloring on them is amazing and they are so well-drawn. Fable and Gladius are warriors. They are part of the group of pigeons that protect the city. The Carriers are always looking out for any wrongdoing.
There is lots of talk of rats yet it takes a long time before a few are shown. When characters are shown the art needs to make it clearer which one is which. The up-close faces of the birds and rats are illustrated beautifully, the rats really convey emotions well.
This issue does set up for the series. It introduces all the main players well except for the Croc King. It does have too much talk without saying much of anything and not enough action. You see pigeons carrying weapons so you will want to see them use them.
The story concept is a great one and it will be nice to watch it develop using these animals as if they had human-level intelligence.

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Sorcerer's Skull - Mon, 09/27/2021 - 11:00

Thanks to everyone who came to my aid after Friday's post and offered suggestions of settings to riff on. I actually might wind up dabbling in more than one as so many good suggestions were offered. First though, I think I'll start with Minaria, the setting for the Divine Right board game.
It turns out there is actually quite a bit of background for Minaria if you take into account the articles written by the game's author in Dragon. I've only read a little bit of that, but there's good stuff there. Still, I think I would like to go with the map itself--evocative of so much "pre-D&D as genre" fantasy--and the slim setting information in the rules and game components.

The art on the personality cards supports the older fantasy feel of the map. None of the characters look "cool," rather the art makes me think of classic illustration in older fantasy works like the works of Cabell, Dunsany, or Eddison. Also, the humor in some of the naming in the map puts me in mind of some of those works as well.

So in broadstrokes, Minaria (from this material) strikes me as a place of Medieval(ish) lords and nations jockeying for power through warfare and intrigues, not unlike Game of Thrones, but with the slight humor Dunsany or Byfield's The Book of the Weird.
More to come!


First Comics News - Mon, 09/27/2021 - 03:01


Liv Morgan def. Carmella


New Day def. Lashley, AJ Styles, Omos

SmackDown Tag Team Championship
The Usos(c) def. Street Profits

RAW Women’s Championship
Charlotte Flair(c) def. Alexa Bliss

US Championship
Damian Priest(c) def. Sheamus & Jeff Hardy

SmackDown Women’s Title
Bianca Belair def. Becky Lynch(c) via DQ

Universal Championship
Roman Reigns(c) def. The Demon Finn Balor

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RICH REVIEWS: Shark Of War # 4

First Comics News - Sun, 09/26/2021 - 19:55

Title: Shark Of War # 4
Publisher: Biting Comics
Creator/ Writer/ Artist: Ben Lacy
Lettering: Nikki Powers
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Price: $ 14.00 US, Digital $ 5.00 US
Comments: It is so nice to see Gnasher recovered and just playing. He is a killing weapon yet he does have a personality and feelings. He is like a good friend that you care about. Then we see how he thinks and you know he is a killer and wants revenger on Dr. Douglas. The art on Gnasher is frightening in how it shows him. Yes, he is a shark but no ordinary one.
Marisa’s female endowments are drawn to stand out here. The striped shirt really does that to great effect.
Lobo is one mean sadistic killer he enjoys murdering. With his armed ship and the swarm, he is the most dangerous thing on the water. Well maybe?
Gnasher gets an upgrade here and he is more ready than ever to face any threat. Even thousands of flying piranha, two Blackhawks, and a heavy-armed ship. Can even Gnasher with his improvements handle all this?
You will never look at open water the same again. If you happen to see a shark with rockets and guns attached to it well stay out of its way.

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