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The Daleks… in Colour! Doctor Who 60th Marked with Special Edition

Blogtor Who - Fri, 11/03/2023 - 20:00
The Daleks is invading televisions again… but this time like never before!

The Daleks return… and this time in COLOUR! It’s time to encounter the Daleks once again, but this time in a way you’ve never seen them before. As part of Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary celebrations, one of the show’s most famous serials is undergoing an out of this world update. The Daleks receives a new edition, including a brand new colourisation of the original black and white serial.

Originally transmitted in December 1963 to February 1964, The Daleks introduced one of the Doctor’s most formidable and enduring foes. The TARDIS lands in a petrified forest on an alien planet. Determined to explore, the Doctor (William Hartnell) leads his companions into the metal city, where they discover danger at every corner and what will become his deadliest enemy, the mutant Daleks.


The very first scene between the Doctor and the Daleks – soon in colour! (c) BBC Studios The new feature length colour edition of The Daleks will air on BBC Four on the 23rd November 2023

These seven original 25 minute episodes have now received a cosmic makeover. They’ve been dazzlingly colourised by Rich Tipple, Kieran Highman, Scott Burditt, and Timothy K Brown. Benjamin Cook has also weaved them together into a 75 minute blockbuster to appeal to today’s modern audiences. With brand new sound, a brand new score created by Mark Ayres, The Daleks has been gloriously updated. But it remains as thrilling as it was when it began in 1963. And, whilst viewers can enjoy watching the colourised version of The Daleks when it arrives on 23rd November on BBC Four, it will also sit within The Whoniverse where viewers can also watch the seven part story in its original form.

It’s all been brought together by Executive Producer Phil Collinson. “It’s been my absolute pleasure,” he says, “to spend this past 12 months working with such a talented team to breathe new life into this classic adventure – a story that is literally the foundation stone of all that Doctor Who has become.  The original is a masterpiece of 1960s television drama and this new version stands on the shoulders of the pioneering spirit of 1960s Doctor Who.”

This special episode is one of the many highlights set to commemorate Doctor Who’s outstanding 60 year anniversary,– shortly before David Tennant takes back the reigns of the TARDIS for three highly anticipated specials.

Watch The Daleks in colourisation on BBC Four on the 23rd November 2023, Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary!

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Doctor Who: 60 Moments in Time

Blogtor Who - Tue, 10/31/2023 - 16:00
The makers of Doctor Who Magazine celebrate the diamond anniversary with Doctor Who: 60 Moments in Time

The makers of Doctor Who Magazine present their biggest-ever publication – a deluxe bookazine celebrating the 60th anniversary of the world’s longest-running science-fiction programme. This 224-page bookazine explores Doctor Who’s impact on its fans, the viewing public and popular culture. It tells its story across 60 chapters of all-new material presented in an exclusive slipcase. Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of rare images, it’s packed full of exclusive contributions from some of DWM’s finest writers. (There’s even a small piece by Blogtor Who, though he won’t count himself in that ‘finest writers’ category!) Altogether, it makes this the essential souvenir of a television milestone.

Doctor Who: 60 Moments in Time is edited by Marcus Hearn and designed by Peri Godbold. The pair previously collaborated on the bestselling 50th anniversary book Doctor Who: The Vault. So the new bookazine promises to be an expertly researched and lovingly presented look at the past sixty years.

Probably Doctor Who Magazine’s most ambitious bookazine to date, it celebrate the show’s diamond anniversary in style. Six decades of the Whoniverse and the experience of being a fan is all here. The worlds of novels, comics, costumes, audios and, of course, the longest running science fiction TV show in the world. Explore what fans love about Doctor Who, and how it’s changed their lives. The bookazine arrives on the 9th of November, just in time to read before the 60th Anniversary kicks off in style with The Star Beast on the 25th.


Coming in at a massive 224 pages, 60 Moments in Time comes in a handsome slipcase (c) Panini Doctor Who: 60 Moments in Time

Doctor Who: 60 Moments in Time is on sale Thursday the 9th of November from the online Panini store, WH Smith and all other good retailers priced £19.99 (UK).

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Classic Doctors and Companions Return in Tales from the TARDIS! UPDATED with Synopses!

Blogtor Who - Mon, 10/30/2023 - 19:34
As over 800 episodes of Doctor Who land on BBC iPlayer they will all sit in one place – The Whoniverse

Welcome to the world where you can find every Doctor, every companion and, terrifyingly, hundreds of monsters that have appeared in Doctor Who. From the 1st November, The Whoniverse will become the official name, and dedicated home, for all shows within the orbit of Doctor Who which will live on BBC iPlayer. With over 800 episodes of Doctor Who content already in the back catalogue, The Whoniverse will launch with a brand new logo, and every piece of Doctor Who content will carry a brand new ident, instantly bringing all the Doctor Who worlds together in one place and it will continuously expand.


Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred in Tales from TARDIS (c) BBC Studios Tales of the TARDIS will reunite classic Doctors and companions in six special episodes

The first exclusive content to land in the Whoniverse will be Tales of the TARDIS, a brand new six-part series that reunites beloved classic Doctor Who duos, as they board a very special TARDIS on a nostalgic voyage through space and time.

Reprising their roles as the Doctor and companions to go on a timey-wimey spin down memory lane in these unmissable adventures are; Maureen O’Brien and Peter Purves, Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury, Katy Manning and Daniel Anthony, Peter Davison and Janet Fielding, Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant, and Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred.

These Doctor Who legends step back into character to reflect on their adventures and in the process they discover something new, leaving viewers with a new insight into the story of each timeless pair.


Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury in Tales from the TARDIS (c) BBC Studios The Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors, along with Vicki, Steven, Jamie, Zoe, Jo, Tegan, Peri and Ace, are all back in the TARDIS!

Over six parts, each episode of Tales of the TARDIS features a different duo, with brand new scenes woven together with classic episodes to create a feature-length omnibus episode.

With new scenes written by showrunner Russell T Davies, and previous Doctor Who writers Phil Ford and Pete McTighe, Tales of the TARDIS allows fans to rediscover the stories they love whilst inviting new viewers to explore the vast mythology of the Doctor.


Peter Purves and Maureen O’Brien in Tales from the TARDIS (c) BBC Studios

Russell T Davies, Doctor Who Showrunner says: “The word Whoniverse was invented by fans, so it’s time to give it official status. And Tales of the TARDIS is one of the greatest delights of my career – to see old Doctors and companions reunited, still fighting the good fight, is a perfect way to celebrate the Doctor’s 60th birthday!”

On his Instagram, Davies also shared a synopsis for Tales of the TARDIS:

The Doctor and Tegan meet again! And face some difficult memories from the past. Companions from the 60s, Steven and Vicki, find themselves back on board the Tardis with a very special wish. While Jamie and Zoe can’t possibly remember each other after their memories were wiped… or can they? Jo Grant’s got a very important message for Clyde Langer. The Seventh Doctor and Ace need to face some fundamental truths. While the Sixth Doctor and Peri are reunited after so many years… but with anger, or joy?


Daniel Anthony and Katy Manning in Tales from the TARDIS (c) BBC Studios

Dan McGolpin, Director of iPlayer and Channels added: “I’m delighted to welcome Tales of the TARDIS exclusively to BBC iPlayer, the home of Doctor Who, which is consistently one of our most popular programmes every single week of the year. Tales of the TARDIS will sit within The Whoniverse and features brand new and incredibly moving scenes with well-loved characters; it will be a fantastic starting point for a new generation to discover some of the most classic episodes and a joyous way for longstanding fans to catch up with old friends.”


Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant in Tales from the TARDIS (c) BBC Studios Viewers can discover Tales Of The TARDIS when The Whoniverse launches on 1st November, with the extensive back catalogue of Doctor Who

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Karen Gillan Joins The Life of Chuck

Blogtor Who - Sun, 10/29/2023 - 12:00
Karen Gillan will star with Tom Hiddleston in the newest horror movie from Mike Flanagan

Doctor Who’s Amy Pond, Karen Gillan, has joined the cast of new Stephen King adaptation The Life of Chuck. Thanks to an independent agreement with SAG-AFTRA. It’s one of the few projects able to move forward with casting and pre-production despite the current actors’ strike in America. Mike Flanagan, famous for his The Haunting of Hill House and Fall of the House of Usher series, is writing and directing the film. He and Gillan previously worked together on the horror movie Occulus. Then the actor starred as a woman trying to prove the role of a demonic mirror in her parents’ deaths.

The Life of Chuck is based on the three part novella from King’s collection If It Bleeds. Karen Gillan’s character in the story is still unknown. Mike Flanagan is famously loose in his adaptations of source material so it’s hard to even guess her role. The original story follows the life of Chuck, a man who as a boy witnesses a vision of his own future death and lives under the shadow of that foreknowledge for the rest of his life. The main female role in the story is Felicia, a woman in Chuck’s interior fantasy life whose world literally falls apart as the man lies dying. But with the film certain to expand hugely on the short story, Gillan may well be playing an entirely new role.

The film stars Loki’s Tom Hiddleston as the titular Chuck, with Star Wars legend Mark Hamill as Chuck’s grandfather Albie. Other cast members in undisclosed roles include Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jacob Tremblay, and Mia Sara.


Gillan will first be seen in murder mystery thriller Sleeping Dogs this December

Filming on The Life of Chuck began this month, but no release date is on the calendar yet. Before that, the Doctor Who star can be next seen in cinemas this Christmas with Sleeping Dogs. Based on the novel The Book of Mirrors, it stars Gillan as Laura Baines, the central person of interest in a cold case murder that Russell Crowe’s retired detective is in a race against his own Alzheimer’s to solve. Sleeping Dogs opens in cinemas of the 14th of December.

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Doctor Who 60th Anniversary: Pre-Order on DVD and Blu-Ray

Blogtor Who - Sat, 10/28/2023 - 17:00
The Doctor Who 60th Anniversary specials are available to pre-order now on Steelbook, DVD and Blu-ray


Following the Fourteenth Doctor’s TV specials to celebrate Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary, all three episodes will be available for Doctor Who fans to add to their home entertainment collection in December 2023. The three-disc release, which includes exclusive additional content, will be available for fans to own on Steelbook, Blu-ray and DVD from 11th December with pre-orders available today. That’s just two days after the final special airs on BBC One, so beware of early-delivery related spoilers! The release will feature all three anniversary special episodes: The Star Beast, Wild Blue Yonder and The Giggle.

As well as David Tennant starring as the Fourteenth Doctor and companion Catherine Tate returning as fan-favourite Donna Noble, other guest stars include Neil Patrick Harris, Yasmin Finney, Miriam Margolyes, Jemma Redgrave and many more.

Fans can pre-order the 60th anniversary DVD, Steelbook and Blu-ray through most online retailers.


Doctor Who 60th Anniversary poster (c) BBC Studios In addition to the three specials, the set comes with a full range of extras, including some exclusive to this release Exclusive to the 60th Anniversary specials release:
  • The Star Beast: Director Rachel Talalay’s Scene Breakdown
  • Wild Blue Yonder: Tom Kingsley’s Scene Breakdown
  • The Giggle: Director Chanya Button’s Scene Breakdown
Other special features include:
  • The Fourteenth Doctor Reveal
  • David and Catherine’s Flashbacks
  • Behind The Scenes Fun with David and Catherine
  • TARDIS Set Tour with David Tennant and Phil Sims
  • 60th Specials Recap with David Tennant
  • Designing the Fourteenth Doctor
  • Video Diary with David Tennant’s Stand-in
  • The Star Beast – Behind The Scenes Trailer
  • The Star Beast Behind The Scenes
  • The Star Beast In-vision Commentary
  • Yasmin Finney Introduces Rose Noble
  • Ruth Madeley Introduces Shirley Bingham
  • Set Tour with Yasmin Finney
  • Wild Blue Yonder – Behind The Scenes Trailer
  • Wild Blue Yonder Behind The Scenes
  • The Cast Introduce the Villains of Wild Blue Yonder
  • The Giggle – Behind The Scenes Trailer
  • The Giggle Behind The Scenes
  • The Giggle In-vision Commentary
  • Neil Patrick Harris Introduces the Toymaker
  • Becoming the Toymaker


Doctor Who: The Star Beast, The Doctor (David Tennant), Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) Rose (Yasmin Finney),the Meep and the Wrath BBC STUDIOS 2023 ,Zoe McConnell and Alistair Heap Doctor Who returns on the 25th of November with The Star Beast on BBC One in the UK and Ireland, and Disney+ worldwide


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Video of the Day – Lorraine, 2022

Blogtor Who - Sat, 10/28/2023 - 03:00

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REVIEW: Doom’s Day: Out of Time

Blogtor Who - Fri, 10/27/2023 - 14:00
Doom’s Day draws to a close with a short story sketching in solutions to the various mysteries with answers not really worth the journey

The sun has finally set on Doom’s Day. We previously left the universe’s greatest assassin with only minutes to live and taking one last gamble to find the Doctor. It’s a gamble that brings her full circle, back to the world of New Venice. And so we enter the final end game with James Goss short story Out of Time.

Opening short story Hour One had to balance humour with setting up the situation. Now, Out of Time needs to squeeze an awful lot into its few hundred words to wrap everything up. It’s not entirely successful. Worse than that, everything we learn here seems like things that would have benefited Doom’s Day as a whole to tease out more slowly. It unveils the  identity of the villain that originally laid this trap for Doom. But the planting of a few seeds earlier in the narrative would have strengthened this reveal greatly. Certainly Big Finish’s A Date with Destiny is retrospectively crying out as a missed opportunity to make such connections.

Other questions get no answer at all, or at least none likely to satisfy. There’s no answer as to why Doom needs the First Doctor specifically, and no other incarnation will do. Any of the others Doom met along the way could really have imparted the same information and advice he gives her Similarly, the notion of the literal Grim Reaper being on Doom’s tale receives. an unsatisfying conclusion. It played a large part in the marketing but was largely undeveloped over the course of the event. Here, it’s finally hand waved away her with barely a mention.


James Goss’ characterisation of a First Doctor, somehow aware he’s in the wrong sort of story entirely, is a highlight

There are some nice turns of phrase in Out of Time, and this version of the Doctor is a delight. He has the twinkle of Hartnell’s portrayal mixed with a tetchy self-awareness that he’s wandered into entirely the wrong sort of Doctor Who story. But over all, it fails to satisfy as a climax to a 24 chapter event. Worse, it makes the whole Doom’s Day crossover feel even more scattershot and random, making it clear that there’s really been no grand plan linking the different stories at all.

Time Lord Victorious and Doom’s Day both helped fills gaps when Doctor Who itself was off air for long periods. With the Fifteenth Doctor era promising a more regular supply of television episodes for the next few years, it may be a sign to rest the epic crossover concept for a little while. Or else to up its game to make them a truly essential purchase.


Doom’s Day: Out of Time is free to read on the official Doctor Who site now


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The Revenge of Wormword: Coming Soon

Blogtor Who - Thu, 10/26/2023 - 13:00
Return to Bannerman Road this January as the former Sarah Jane Adventures kids reunite to face their greatest enemy’s rebirth


“Last night I dreamed I went to Bannerman Road again. I walked up the driveway, unchained the door, and climbed the stairs to the attic. To find her there, standing alone in the darkness. Looking just as she had done all those years ago.” 

Rani Chandra (Anjli Mohindra), Clyde Langer (Daniel Anthony) and Luke Smith (Tommy Knight) reunite in January 2024. Rani Takes on the World: The Revenge of Wormwood contains three brand-new audio adventures continuing the story of the characters first seen on television in The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Returning to the character of Luke Smith for the first time since 2020’s digital short, Farewell Sarah Jane, actor Tommy Knight said: “It was so exciting to hear that more stories and adventures were coming out of Bannerman Road. It made me so excited to get back into the booth, bring a little bit of Luke back out of me. It was a big part of my life growing up and I don’t think I’ll ever really forget how amazing that whole experience was.” 

In The Revenge of Wormwood, Samantha Bond (best-known for her iconic roles in James Bond and Downton Abbey) returns as Mrs Wormwood – leader of malevolent aliens, the Bane.

Producer Emily Cook said: “I was chuffed with the reaction to the first Rani set. I was so excited for it to be released because it was an entirely new range, and I hoped it would strike a chord with fans, especially fans (like myself) who grew up watching The Sarah Jane Adventures as children. I received so many lovely messages after its release. I’m thrilled that people found it so moving and engaging.” 


The three exciting audio adventures in this box set are:

Time Schisms! by Lizbeth Myles

Podcast fan Anna thinks there’s a time traveller working in her local post office. So, who else should she ask to investigate other than Rani Chandra? Unconvinced at first, Rani is shocked when an old friend warns her off. If UNIT don’t want her looking into it, there must be something to the phenomena… But will Rani’s quest for the truth drive a wedge between her and Luke? 

The Star-Crossed Diversion by Alison Winter

After falling asleep on the night tube, Rani and Clyde wake in a nightmare – a future in which the Bane have succeeded in taking over the Earth. Humans are docile cattle, the planet’s resources sold to the highest bidder. Bane Uncle Crispin believes all opposition has been crushed, but the new arrivals are ready to fight. Are they the last hope of resistance? And how can Rani and Clyde ever return home? 

The Ghost of Bannerman Road by Jonathan Morris

13 Bannerman Road. The place where it all began, where Rani, Clyde and Luke fought alien menaces with Sarah Jane. Now it’s locked up, derelict and under the watch of UNIT, because top scientists are mysteriously disappearing, and items of alien technology are being stolen from laboratories. An old friend is planning to make her return… and Rani and Clyde have to face their own ghosts. 


The Worlds of Doctor Who – Rani Takes on the World: The Revenge of Wormwood is now available to pre-order for just £19.99 (collector’s edition CD box set + download) or £16.99 (download only), exclusively here. Big Finish listeners can order Rani Takes on the World: Beyond Bannerman Road and The Revenge of Wormwood together in a bundle from just £33.

All the above prices include the special pre-order discount and are subject to change after general release.

Big Finish is currently operating a digital-first release schedule. Factors beyond Big Finish’s control may delay the mail-out of collector’s edition CDs, but listeners can unlock a digital copy to immediately download or play on the Big Finish app from the release date. 

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UPDATED – Doctor Who Broadcast Date Revealed Along with Three Promotional Episode Photos

Blogtor Who - Wed, 10/25/2023 - 21:00
The TARDIS will return to Saturday nights, landing at the heart(s) of the BBC One schedule on the 25th of November


It is time to mark your calendars, cancel any plans, and get your sonic screwdrivers at the ready! The TARDIS returns to BBC One and iPlayer on Saturday 25th November! David Tennant is the Fourteenth Doctor and Catherine Tate reprising her role as Donna Noble. The popular duo will make their spectacular return to mark the shows 60th anniversary. Together they’ll star in three special episodes running each Saturday from the 25th November.

Three epic adventures start with The Star Beast on the 25th November. The Doctor and Donna will come face to face after all these years but just how, and why, is about to be revealed. Wild Blue Yonder also follows on the 2nd December and The Giggle on the 9th December. Viewers are about to go on an otherworldly adventure through space and time.

Joining David Tennant and Catherine Tate is a stellar cast. It includes Yasmin Finney (Heartstopper) as Rose Noble, and Miriam Margolyes (Age of Innocence) voicing the Meep. Jacqueline King returns as Sylvia Noble, as does Karl Collins as Shaun Temple, and Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart. Also joining them are Ruth Madeley (Years and Years) as Shirley Anne-Bingham, and Neil Patrick Harris (It’s a Sin) as the Toymaker, set to cause all kinds of mayhem. It’s going to be an unmissable cosmic adventure. And that’s all before Ncuti Gatwa gets the keys to the TARDIS over the festive season.

The first episode of Doctor Who: Unleashed will follow The Star Beast on Saturday 25th November. After every new episode of Doctor Who, viewers can switch over to BBC Three or BBC iPlayer to watch and access all areas show which gives viewers an unmissable insight into the creation of Doctor Who.

The new specials will drop internationally on Disney+ the same day as the BBC One broadcast

It’s a mark of how close the specials are that Disney+ have begun actively promoting them. A new trailer also dropped today, welcoming the show to the international streaming service. Largely using footage from the recent BBC trailer, it also featured a TARDIS version of the Disney+ logo and a glimpse of a returning character for the eagle-eyed fan.


Also released by the BBC were the promotional episode idents for The Star Beast, Wild Blue Yonder and The Giggle

THE STAR BEAST Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials,25-11-2023, The Star Beast, Special 1,The Doctor (DAVID TENNANT), Donna Noble (CATHERINE TATE) Rose (Yasmin Finney),BBC STUDIOS 2023 ,Zoe McConnell and Alistair Heap WILD BLUE YONDER Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials,02-12-2023,Wild Blue Yonder, Special 2,The Doctor (DAVID TENNANT), Donna Noble (CATHERINE TATE) ,BBC STUDIOS 2023 ,Zoe McConnell and Alistair Heap THE GIGGLE Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials,09-12-2023,The Giggle, Special 3,The Doctor (DAVID TENNANT), Donna Noble (CATHERINE TATE) and Neil Patrick Harris,BBC STUDIOS 2023 ,Zoe McConnell and Alistair Heap Doctor Who returns on the 25th of November with The Star Beast on BBC One in the UK and Ireland, and Disney+ worldwide

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Doctor Who Series 14: First Writers Reveal!

Blogtor Who - Tue, 10/24/2023 - 16:00
Loki’s Kate Herron, and writing partner Briony Redman, will chart the new Doctor’s adventures in an episode next year

The new series of Doctor Who will feature an episode co-written by writing duo Kate Herron and Briony Redman, which will air once Ncuti Gatwa takes control of the TARDIS as the Fifteenth Doctor. Although it’s been known for some time that returning showrunner Russell T Davies hasn’t written every episode, this is the first time other writers have actually been named.

Both writers have made their mark as creatives. Herron is the Executive Producer and director of the entirety of the popular Marvel Studios series Loki, as well as directing on the critically acclaimed series Sex Education, where she worked with Gatwa.

Briony is an actor, comedian and BAFTA Rocliffe winning writer, whose work includes the Welsh crime-comedy Pont Brec with Damian Evans, and the award-winning short film Forget-Me-Not, which screened across film festivals internationally.

However, despite the separate achievements, this isn’t the first time the pair have collaborated. Their previous work together including their comic, The Storkening, as well as TV and film projects including the sci-fi Miss Universe and the acclaimed short film Smear.

Now they have now teamed up once more to take viewers on an unforgettable adventure in the new series of Doctor Who.


The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby (Millie Gibson) are ready for action in Doctor Who Series 14 “A wonderful script which created unique challenges for cast and crew alike”

Kate Herron said: “Clearly I can’t get enough of time travel. It is an absolute honour to write for Russell and Ncuti. We had so much fun and can’t wait for you all to see it.”

Briony Redman said: “As a big fan of Doctor Who and Russell T Davies, it’s been a dream to write on this show.”

Doctor Who Showrunner, Russell T Davies said: “This is when I absolutely love my job. Working with the stellar talents of Kate and Briony makes my whole world bigger and brighter, and a lot more fun. I was a huge fan of Loki and reached out to Kate to say so – she then introduced me to Briony, and it was all systems go!  They’ve written a wonderful script which created unique challenges for cast and crew alike.  The end result is gorgeous and thrilling and scary, and not like any other episode of Doctor Who.”

We still don’t know which of next year’s eight episodes the team have written. We do know there’s a 1960 set story, as well as a Regency era one, and one featuring the return of Mel Bush. But we’ll have to wait and see whether Herron and Redman have written any of these, or something else entirely.


Doctor Who Specials 2023,The Doctor (DAVID TENNANT), Donna Noble (CATHERINE TATE),BBC Studios 2023,Zoe McConnell Doctor Who returns next month with three 60th Anniversary specials on BBC One in the UK and Ireland, and Disney+ worldwide

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