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Ncuti Gatwa’s Sex Education Season Four is Here!

Blogtor Who - Sun, 09/24/2023 - 23:01
Ncuti Gatwa has one final year in the show that made him a breakout star – Sex Education Season 4 is here!

Last year, with the unveiling of Ncuti Gatwa as our next Doctor, there were immediately two kinds of Doctor Who fan. Some were unfamiliar with the name. But the millions who’d seen him in his breakout role in Netflix’s Sex Education adored the choice. Meanwhile, among Sex Education fans, there were those thrilled one of their favourite actors was about to join one of their favourite series. And there were those who figured they’d now have to check out “that blue box show.”

But now the time has come. The final season of Sex Education dropped on Netflix this week. It’s one last chance for fans to see the actor in another role before his 60th Anniversary debut in November. In Season Four, Gatwa’s Eric Effiong and best friend Otis (Asa Butterfield) have moved to a new school. And with it they’ve moved on to new problems. For years they were defined by their rebellion against the conservative headteachers of their old school. Now they struggle to find a place on a campus even more liberal than them. Will Otis and Maeve make their now long distance relationship work? Will Eric find new love or get back together with old flame Adam (Connor Swindells)? And will he give in to his family’s pressure for him to finally have a baptism?

The new Sex Education also features Thaddea Graham (Flux) as rival teen sex therapist O, Samantha Spiro (The Doctor Falls) as Adam’s mum Maureen, and Sharon Duncan-Brewster (Waters of Mars) as Roz, the mother of another of the gang.

All the episodes of Sex Education Season 4 are available on Netflix now. You can check out the official trailer below. (Warning: as always, Sex Education, as if you hadn’t guessed, features sexual themes and content)


Sex Education Season 4

Following the closure of Moordale Secondary, Otis and Eric now face a new frontier – their first day at Cavendish Sixth Form College. Otis is nervous about setting up his new clinic, whilst Eric is praying they won’t be losers again.

But Cavendish is a culture shock for all the Moordale students – they thought they were progressive but this new college is another level. There’s daily yoga in the communal garden, a strong sustainability vibe and a group of kids who are popular for being… kind?!

Viv is totally thrown by the college’s student-led, non-competitive approach, while Jackson is still struggling to get over Cal. Aimee tries something new by taking an Art A-Level and Adam grapples with whether mainstream education is for him.

Over in the US, Maeve is living her dream at prestigious Wallace University, being taught by cult author Thomas Molloy. Otis is pining after her, whilst adjusting to not being an only child at home, or the only therapist on campus…

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Doctor Who 60th’s Supersonic Trailer is Here! Full Analysis

Blogtor Who - Sat, 09/23/2023 - 22:30
“If destiny exists then it is heading for Donna Noble” – everything Blogtor spotted in the new 60th Anniversary trailer

Over the past several months, the Bad Wolf/BBC team have proven absolute masters of the tease. From WhoSpy to Russell T Davies’ Doctor Who Magazine column, they’ve kept fans in the loop with a constant trickle of information that somehow doesn’t actually really tell you anything at all. It’s left us in a state of constant, but unspoiled, excitement  for the 60th Anniversary. But the trailer that aired before tonight’s Strictly Come Dancing is a game changer.

The specials have never seemed closer as the trickle becomes a torrent of new footage and dialogue. It also blows up the things we thought we knew! Yes, pictures of UNIT’s new helipad were everywhere. But it was still a shock to see it atop UNIT’s heavily branded Stark Tower style skyscraper in central London. (We’re hoping they still hang a ‘Top Secret’ sign at the entrance like the old days).


So what did we find out? Let’s go episode by episode:

The Star Beast

The trailer eases us in by recapping a lot of the footage from the teaser that aired after The Power of the Doctor, while slightly expanding it. So we start with that night time London skyline (revealed by RTD in this month’s DWM to be stock footage!) Donna ponders “Sometimes I think there’s something missing, like I had something lovely and it’s gone.” But then it gets even more heartbreaking – “I lie in bed thinking ‘what have I lost?'” And through it all we get shots of the Doctor in action man mode – running down corridors, sneaking around corners, while Donna looks, possibly at him, like someone is nagging at her memory.

The next scene uses the same tactic. We’ve seen part of this speech by the Doctor before. But perhaps mindful that not everyone watching the specials will remember the plot of a fifteen year old episode, it provides a recap of Donna’s story, complete with a flashback to Journey’s End.

“I’ve got this friend Donna Noble, I had to wipe my memory to save her life. If she remembers me she will die, so what happens next? A spaceship crashes right in front of her. It’s like she’s drawing us in.”


The Meep! Anyone else hoping for a Build a Bear version? (c) BBC Studios Meep! Meep!

We also learn that the Doctor’s relaying this story to Ruth Madeley’s Shirley Anne Bingham who seems to be an ally for now. We also get another look at the comics-accurate Star Beast spaceship and confirmation that after meeting Rose, the Doctor’s shocked to find himself face to face with Donna once more.

It expands on Donna finding the Meep too. “What the hell!?” as she pokes the cuddly alien in the eye is back, but we now get the beautifully Donnaish “We’ve got a bloody Martian in the shed!” (the same shed as posted in WhoSpy this week?) But now it’s accompanied by a classic Doctor moment of the Time Lord getting smacked by a companion’s mother. (“Ah here we go again!”)

We also see more of the Meep as voiced by Miriam Margoyles. “Meep meep!” he trills as he clings to Donna’s leg as groups alien and UNIT troops collide to make a right mess of the Noble house. Jeeps flying through the air and glass and plaster explode as the fight for the Meep hits home. Then, as Rose asks of his alien pursuers “Who are they?” he gives a terrified “Monsters!”

We also see that is no mere comic romp and just how the stakes get as a machine drills into the Earth, casting volcanic fire through the streets. But what it’s got to do with the Meep and the alien warriors hunting him?


Would it even be Doctor Who without some old fashioned running down corridors? (c) BBC Studios Wild Blue Yonder

Nothing about the upcoming specials has been more mysterious than middle episode Wild Blue Yonder. In fact, we’ve known almost nothing about it except the title. Until now! It makes it possibly the most exciting part of the trailer.

We learn that it’s a good old fashioned ‘trapped somewhere hostile without the TARDIS’ story. “There’s something so bad the TARDIS ran away?” asks Donna as they look at the TARDIS shaped dent in a metal corridor wall. “Then we go and kick its arse!” she declares, that old fire we know and love ablaze. But whatever it is, it genuinely has the Doctor rattled. “Why does it have to be this?!” he rages, smashing his fists against the metal walls in frustration. And is it the “something [which] has entered this world” the Doctor speaks of?


Dude, Where’s my TARDIS? (c) BBC Studios What classic references will Wild Blue Yonder contain?

It’s an intriguing reference though. We seem to have a pattern now for how these specials celebrate 60 years of Doctor Who. The Star Beast brings back a 2000s companion in an adaptation of a much loved 1970s comic strip. The Giggle reunites the Doctor with an ally from the 2010s to battle an enemy last seen in the 1960s. So does Wild Blue Yonder feature a returning element too? If it turns out they’ve landed back on Terminus it will earn a round of applause from Blogtor, upgraded to a standing ovation if the Garm turns up. It does look as if our heroes are fighting to gain control of some sort of spaceship or station. One shot, features a triumphant looking Doctor standing over some sort of control panel on what might be a bridge.

Along with shots of the pair running terrified through dark corridors and weird purple/blue alien energy life form… thingies, it looks like Wild Blue Yonder might actually be this run’s full on scary episode. (There’s always one: it’s Who law.)


The Toymaker pulling our strings is bound to be a iconic Doctor Who image in years to come (c) BBC Studios The Giggle

“Worldwide premiere!” declares the Toymaker.

Yes! Toymaker! Toymaker! Toymaker! After the trailer aired the Doctor Who socials confirmed at last that Neil Patrick Harris’ character is our hero’s old foe, the Toymaker. Arguably the Doctor’s first great nemesis, as when he first appeared in 1965’s The Celestial Toymaker it was clear the pair had clashed even before we’d first met the Doctor.

The trailer hints at the awful scope of the near omnipotent being’s latest plan. Plumes of smoke dot the London skyline, as chaos fills the streets and the people apparently turn on each other. Planes seemingly fall from the sky and the Doctor and Donna and airlifted by helicopter to UNIT’s swanky new high rise HQ to be greeted by “Kate Lethbridge-Stewart!” But with the Toymaker taking over the people of Earth she asks “What do we do this time? How do we fight the human race?” But why haven’t Kate and her team been effected? Could it be to do with the high tech band she wears around her upper arm? With shades of 1968’s The Invasion, maybe UNIT have again found a way to resist widespread mind control.


Only a year on from blowing up their last skyscraper HQ, UNIT have even cooler new digs! (c) BBC Studios Neil Patrick Harris is… The Toymaker!

“I’ve got a memory. After a very long time, something is coming back,” warns the Doctor as the assembled team helpless watch the worldwide chaos unfold on rolling news. But who? “Oh, but he is recognizing me,” purrs the Toymaker as the shocked Doctor puts two and two together in the villain’s Victorian style toy shop. “The one who waits” as the Toymaker calls himself, in reference to just how long his vendetta against the Doctor has lasted. “Your fight is with me!” screams the Doctor in frustration as his nemesis trains UNIT’s own massive cannon of its HQ and staff (including both Kate and Shirley Anne). And could the Toymaker be the reason that “destiny is heading for Donna Noble?”as some act of revenge? He’s certainly powerful enough.

Aappropriately, The Giggle looks to be filled with sinister humour. From the Toymaker racing across a room in Regency era military garb, wearing old school flying goggles during his attack on UNIT, and appearing as a giant, literally pulling the Doctor’s strings through a hole in the roof, to re-enacting American Beauty’s iconic rose petal scene, and dressing as Fred Astaire while dancing among airplane wreckage, it’s clear this is a bad guy with a malicious sense of fun. We also get some idea of how he’s managing at least part of this – as we see the door of his toyshop, complete with little bell, seemingly able to appear wherever he likes. (Perhaps in a call back to Professor Chronotis’ TARDIS in Shada?)

And finally, “I don’t know if I can save your life this time,” frets the Doctor to Donna. They couldn’t… they wouldn’t… would they?


He’s almost here! Ncuti Gatwa in the new 60th anniversary trailer (c) BBC Studios All hail the new Doctor!

But that’s actually not quite finally. The final shot of the trailer belongs to Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor in waiting. Glimpsed in the leather coat from his Christmas special premiere, he opens his eyes and smiles. And it instantly brilliant. Though that blurred out background… after Davies explaining the grey skies of our shot of Gatwa in the original teaser was a stand in to conceal spoilers, you’ve got to wonder. What is that fiery blur hiding this time?


Doctor Who Specials 2023,The Doctor (DAVID TENNANT), Donna Noble (CATHERINE TATE),BBC Studios 2023,Zoe McConnell Doctor Who returns in November with three 60th Anniversary specials on BBC One in the UK and Ireland, and Disney+ worldwide

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Doctor Who – New Photos Released Confirm Neil Patrick Harris is The Toymaker

Blogtor Who - Sat, 09/23/2023 - 17:51

Today, BBC released a new explosive trailer for Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary special episode.  In addition, they released some new photos for everyone to celebrate, including one of Neil Patrick Harris, confirming that his role in the new episodes is The Toymaker.

Doctor Who Specials 2023, The Toymaker (Neil Patrick Harris),BBC Studios 2023,Alistair Heap

While this has been speculated by fans for months, his role has been finally confirmed.  The trailer is brilliant.  High energy and the dynamics between Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) and the Doctor (David Tennant) haven’t missed a beat.  It is as though they never left their Doctor Who

Doctor Who returns this November with the first of three specials for the 60th Anniversary.


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The Torchwood Archive Returns in a New Big Finish Trilogy!

Blogtor Who - Fri, 09/22/2023 - 22:00
Return to Torchwood’s 43rd Century future as the former SB6 crew face new dangers in a brand new trilogy of terrors!

It’s the Ood, the bad and the ugly! A loose trilogy of stories featuring characters from the 2006 Doctor Who TV episode The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit will wrap up this year’s Torchwood series from Big Finish.

First comes Odyssey, by Patrick O’Connor featuring the return of Ida Scott (Claire Rushbrook).  November’s release is James Goss’s Oodunnit, a murder mystery starring Shaun Parkes as Zachary Cross Flane. And finally, Ronny Jhutti returns as Danny Bartock in Oracle, by Ash Darby, due for release in December.

Producer James Goss said: “For this Ood trilogy script editor Tim Foley suggested we follow the game of Rock Paper Scissors, so each part of the trilogy looks at a different aspect of humanity’s future.  

“We start on a world where the seas are rock, in Oodunnit we visit the Empire’s recycling planet and, finally, in Oracle we find out if truth is the sharpest knife of all. Who will be the winner? 

“The trilogy sees the return of Ida Scott (Claire Rushbrook), Zachary Cross Flane (Shaun Parkes), and Danny Bartok (Ronny Jhutti) from The Impossible Planet. Plus, Silas Carson as the Ood. It was an absolute delight to get all of them back in – we’ve managed to investigate the Ood differently across the trilogy, plus we also get to hear how the survivors of The Impossible Planet are dealing with the events of that story.” 


Claire Rushbrook as Ida in The Impossible Planet (c) BBC Studios Torchwood: Odyssey

Ida Scott has spent her life running from her father. But now she’s come looking for him. 

The Spire is an ancient relic left behind by The Resilient – a mysterious race who warped both gravity and time. 

Odysseus Scott lies dying in a bed in The Spire. He believes it will cure him. But are The Resilient really dead? 


Shaun Parkes as Zachary Cross Flane in The Satan Pit (c) BBC Studios Torchwood: Oodunnit

Who would murder an Ood? In the 43rd Century, all the Earth Empire’s waste goes to the recycling world of Paraglas IV. But has something else been sent there? Something worth killing for? 

The Torchwood Archive sends Zachary Cross Flane to investigate, and he uncovers a terrible secret. The Empire has a use for everyone, even after death. 


Ronny Jhutti as Danny, alongside David Tennant and Billie Piper as the Doctor and Rose in The Impossible Planet (c) BBC Studios Torchwood: Oracle

In the 43rd Century, the height of the Earth Empire. A ship from 1000 years in the future has crashed on a lava world and is calling for help. How dangerous is the knowledge it offers? 

The Torchwood Archive sends Danny Bartock. Because only an ethicist can save humanity from the future. 


Each of the three audio adventures is available to pre-order as a collector’s edition CD and download (for just £10.99) or as a download only (for £8.99).

A six-release Torchwood bundle, including the above three titles, plus Launch Date, Sigil and Dog Hop, is available for just £60 (collector’s edition CD + download) or £50 (download only).

A 12-release Torchwood bundle is also available for just £110 (collector’s edition CD + download) or £96 (download only), which includes the first six stories of 2024

Please note: Torchwood contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners.

Big Finish is currently operating a digital-first release schedule. The mail-out of collector’s edition CDs may be delayed due to factors beyond our control, but all purchases of this release unlock a digital copy that can be immediately downloaded or played on the Big Finish app from the release date.

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Miriam the Meep! Margolyes Joins Doctor Who 60th

Blogtor Who - Wed, 09/20/2023 - 22:00
The Meep has found its voice as Miriam Margoyles joins the cast of The Star Beast

BAFTA-winning star of stage and screen Miriam Margoyles lends her voice to an iconic character. The award-winning actor joins Doctor Who for the 60th anniversary specials that will air this November. Miriam is the voice behind the Meep, the iconic creature adapted from The Star Beast comic strip.

On joining Doctor Who, Miriam Margolyes said:

“I’m relieved I got to work on Doctor Who before I died. With sci-fi you never know. Thank you for making an old woman very happy.”

Voice actors are often among the last to be cast in projects, due to it being possible for them to record their contributions long after filming has finished. (Though Blogtor Who must admit, Margoyles’ casting has been a bit of an open secret for some time.)

The Meep in The Star Beast TV adaptation (c) Bad Wolf/BBC Studios Miriam Margoyles is more than just a famous face, she’s also voiced some beloved characters

The actor will be a famous face to many due to her roles in the likes of Romeo + Juliet, The Age of Innocence (for which she received her BAFTA nomination) and Blackadder. But she’s also a versatile voice actor. She voiced multiple characters in the English dub of iconic children’s adventure series Monkey. Meanwhile, she was the motherly Fly the sheepdog in beloved classic Babe, and the Matchmaker in Mulan.

Intriguingly, the casting information refers to her Doctor Who character simply as ‘the Meep.’ In the original Star Beast comic he was ‘Beep the Meep,’ with Beep one member of the Meep species. So why the change? One possibility is that Margoyles is playing a different Meep. Perhaps the new TV adventure isn’t overwriting the DWW original as such, but simply a case of the Fourteenth Doctor, Donna and Rose having a very, very, similar adventure to one once had by the Fourth and Sharon?

Excitingly, it actually isn’t very long now until we can find out… In fact, with the specials getting ever closer, advance promotion is visibly ramping up. A blipvert trailer ahead of last Saturday’s Strictly Come Dancing featured clues in binary code. Clues which suggested Who fans should make sure to be sat in front of their tellies before this Saturday’s edition.That would be exactly two months before the 60th Anniversary itself. What better excuse for a new trailer?


Doctor Who 60th Anniversary poster (c) BBC Studios Doctor Who returns in November with three 60th Anniversary specials on BBC One in the UK and Ireland, and Disney+ worldwide

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REPORT: Doctor Who ‘The Five Doctors’ – BFI Screening event

Blogtor Who - Mon, 09/18/2023 - 09:30
BlogtorWho returned to one of our favourite places, the BFI Southbank, this past weekend for another Doctor Who screening. To celebrate the release of Season 20 in The Collection range a series of guests enjoyed ‘The Five Doctors’ on the big screen.

Once again our hosts in NFT1 were Justin Johnson and Dick Fiddy who got the ball rolling with a quiz before introducing to the stage Designer for ‘The Five DoctorsMalcolm Thornton. As with most BBC designers of the time he highlighted the reliance on gaffer tape and how designers would visit other studios to see what sets or bits of sets could be reused to save on the budget. Of course the opportunity to watch the feature length special on the big screen in high definition would highlight any tape hiding the sins of designers. Fortunately, no issues were visible to this particular viewer.

The Five Doctors @ BFI Southbank – Justin Johnson, Dick Fiddy and designer Malcolm Thornton (c) Bedwyr Gullidge

Also invited on stage was Niel Bushnell who has provided the updated special effects for the new 40th Anniversary edition of ‘The Five Doctors’. Once again, the time scoop effects have been tweaked again with some more additions to the Raston Warrior Robot and Dalek sequences. It made us all eager to rewatch this updated version of the anniversary special.

The Five Doctors

Watching Doctor Who on a big screen with an audience, sharing that communal experience, is always a thrill. We cheered with the “reverse the polarity of the neutron flow” line, laughed and we all delivered the “No, not the mind probe” line together. ‘The Five Doctors‘ is probably the perfect anniversary special. So far at least. The chance to watch it on a big screen, with fellow fans was an absolute delight!

Those updated special effects also worked well and complemented the piece rather than distracted. The obelisk has been upgraded from the walnut whip and now leaves behind an indentation on the ground below which is a nice touch. Overall though Terrance Dicks did a wonderful job at balancing so many elements. If any incarnation of the Doctor takes centre stage it is rightly the current incumbent, Fifth Doctor Peter Davison. Whilst it is a shame that their collective time together is limited, this decision allows them all to shine and have their moment.

The Five Doctors @ BFI Southbank – Dick Fiddy, Mark Hardy and David Banks (c) Bedwyr Gullidge Special Guests

Following ‘The Five Doctors’ Cybermen actors David Banks and Mark Hardy joined Dick Fiddy on stage to recall their memories of making the special episode. They had fond memories of the organisational skills of director Peter Moffat and explained some of the issues with the Cybermen costumes. Strangely it was the social element of filming in North Wales which resonated with both actors most of all.

To tie in with the release of the Season 20 box set we were treated to some previews of the special features plus the unique promotional trailer ‘The Passenger’ starring Janet Fielding (Tegan) and Sarah Sutton (Nyssa). The audience were in hysterics watching Peter, Janet and Sarah trying to navigate through Northern Europe in ‘Look Who’s Driving’. Further clips were also provided from ‘When Janet met Martin’, ‘Let’s go Dutch’ and ‘Making the King’s Demons’. All of this new material looks wonderful and certainly whetted the appetite for the new box set.

The Five Doctors @ BFI Southbank – Justin Johnson, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton and Peter Davison (c) Bedwyr Gullidge

Finally Justin Johnson was joined on stage by Fifth Doctor Peter Davison and companions Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton. They of course discussed ‘The Five Doctors‘ which Sarah Sutton had never seen! Other topics for conversation included the Celebration at Longleat in 1983, working life after Doctor Who and ‘Iailer. The audience then joined in a rousing rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ for Janet Fielding, following a recent milestone. Many happy returns Janet!

Post-screening events

Following the main festivities in NFT1 a signing took place with long queues to meet the collection of actors. As has become traditional The Quiz of Rassilon was hosted whilst friends old and new mixed over drinks. Rounds were provided by Pip Madeley, Christel Dee, Beth Axford, Black Tardis, Bedwyr Gullidge and Tegan (no, not that one!). Socialising continued into the evening and as you’ll no doubt have seen from social media everyone had a great time, demonstrating why these events are so popular.

The Quiz of Rassilon @ BFI Southbank (c) Bedwyr Gullidge

Once again this event was a wonderful day and BlogtorWho would like to extend our thanks to the BFI for their hospitality. A screening of ‘The Underwater Menace‘ animation follows next month.

Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 20 is available to buy now from AmazonHMV and other retailers.

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DOCTOR WHO: The Collection: Season 20 – Available now

Blogtor Who - Mon, 09/18/2023 - 07:30
Today marks the next release in the Doctor Who: The Collection range with Season 20 available in shops and online. Starring Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor this special anniversary season comes packed with high definition episodes and new special features across a massive NINE discs.

BBC Studios continues to offer Doctor Who fans the opportunity to build their own home archive on Blu-ray with a limited edition NINE DISC box set of the 20th Season from 1983, starring Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor. This set is the most jam-packed release yet, with hours and hours of new and exclusive material.

Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 20 Doctor Who – The Collection: Season 20

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the programme, these stories feature the return of old friends, enemies and even past Doctors! Over seven exciting stories, the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa (Sarah Sutton), Tegan (Janet Fielding) and Turlough (Mark Strickson) face off against the Black Guardian, Omega, the Mara, the Master, Cybermen and the Time Lords themselves!

All episodes have been newly remastered from the best available sources including original film elements for The Five Doctors – these classic adventures have never looked or sounded so good on home media.

Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 20

The Collection: Season 20 Blu-ray box set also includes extensive Special Features including:


A brand new version of the 90-minute anniversary special, with updated special effects, Dolby Atmos & surround sound, plus an exclusive new commentary with Peter Davison, Janet Fielding and Mark Strickson.


Exclusive to Blu-ray, on Snakedance and Enlightenment.


Seven new episodes with Peter Davison, Colin Baker (The Doctor), Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sarah Sutton, Janet Fielding, Mark Strickson, Katy Maning (Jo) and Sophie Aldred (Ace).


A brand new episode of classic Doctor Who.


Interviewer Matthew Sweet chats to Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton.


The TARDIS crew travel to Amsterdam to revisit locations and reminisce about Season 20 and their time on the programme.


Join Peter Davison, Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton on an hilarious European Road Trip.


Janet Fielding chats to Martin Clunes, 40 years on from his appearance in Snakedance.


The regular cast return to the castle location and reminisce.


A look behind the scenes


A previously-unreleased look at the iconic 1983 convention, plus panels featuring Peter Davison, Tom Baker, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee and many more.


Hours of material going behind-the-scenes on production of Arc Of Infinity, Snakedance and The Five Doctors.


From The Five Doctors.


Including Australian interviews with Peter Davison and Janet Fielding shot during production of this season.


A rare US documentary from the 1980s.


On Snakedance and The Five Doctors. Plus Dolby Atmos mixes on The Five Doctors.


Hours of rare and previously unreleased material from the BBC Archives.


Including many previously unseen images.


Behind-the-scenes information and trivia on every episode.


Including scripts, exclusive unseen BBC production files, the Radio Times 20th Anniversary Special and other rarities.


This nine-disc box set also includes hours of special features previously released on DVD including Documentaries, Featurettes, Audio Commentaries, The Five Doctors Special Edition and more.

Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 20 is available to buy now from AmazonHMV and other retailers.

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Doctor Who 2024 Calendars – On Sale Now

Blogtor Who - Sun, 09/17/2023 - 22:01
Twelve months! Sixteen Doctors! The 2024 Doctor Who calendars are here!

Some of the Doctor Who 2024 Official Calendars are now available, along with preview images. The Classic version features images of the Time Lord’s first fourteen faces plus the Fugitive and War incarnations.

Doctor Who 2024 Official Classic Calendar (c) Danilo

As always with these items, timelines of printing and publication mean it’s a little behind the times. Despite Ncuti Gatwa taking over the TARDIS this December, for instance, there’s no slot for the Fifteenth Doctor. Even David Tennant’s return is represented by the earliest of photos released on his new incarnation. All the same, it’s a fun way to keep track of the months while representing your fandom in your office space, kitchen or TARDIS.


Doctor Who Official 2024 Desk Calendar (c) Danilo The Doctor Who Desk Calendar is also out now

Meanwhile, the 2024 Doctor Who Desk Calendar is also available. There are approximately 313 separate pages, one for every weekday and weekend throughout the year. Each depicts a different character from the Whoniverse along with the name of the first story in which they appeared.

A sample page from the Doctor Who 2024 Desk Calendar (c) Danilo


Finally, people looking to get the modern 2024 Calendar will have to wait a little bit longer. This edition typically reflects the content broadcast in the year of publication – tricky when the episodes aren’t airing until November. No preview images are available yet and the calendar itself won’t arrive until November. But it’s to early to say whether that means it will be packed full of images from The Star Beast, Wild Blue Yonder, and The Giggle. It might instead focus on last year’s The Power of the Doctor, for instance. But time, as always in Doctor Who, will tell.

You can order the 2024 Calendars now from all the usual stockists now. Alternatively, they’ll no doubt be showing up in the next couple of months in shopping centres up and down the country as little kiosks selling calendars emerge from their annual hibernation.

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