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First Comics News - Sun, 09/17/2023 - 14:08
This week’s Cosplay Team of the Week If you would like to be the Cosplay Team of the Week Please send your photo to Alex.Wright@firstcomicsnews.com and you will be considered…
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Collide – September 17th

Mark Hughes (Church of the Rock) - Sun, 09/17/2023 - 14:00

Collide Discussion Questions


Check out our ongoing resources for each age group:

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Elementary – September 17th

Mark Hughes (Church of the Rock) - Sun, 09/17/2023 - 14:00


Worship Video

Check out our ongoing resources for each age group: And don’t forget to follow Kidz Rock on Facebook and Instagram!


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Preschool – September 17th

Mark Hughes (Church of the Rock) - Sun, 09/17/2023 - 14:00


Worship Video


Check out our ongoing resources for each age group: And don’t forget to follow Kidz Rock on Facebook and Instagram!


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Hex Crawl 23 #245: A Military Exercise

Roles & Rules - Sun, 09/17/2023 - 08:29

Four hexes southwest, seven northeast of Alakran.


On this dry plain, once a week at sunrise, Bukhabar Shum summons certain troops of his garrison, not to compete, but to cooperate in an exercise of combined arms. On this spot in the plain, one time out of eight it is passed by (sometimes the exercise is missed for good reason), clouds of dust are seen from afar, and up closer it is Shum himself, his command, and d4+1 groups of 20 soldiers each from a different elite company. Use the table here, where the roll of 10 is a platoon of 20 spear and 10 bow from the regular infantry.

Shum is a sporting man, and the staid evolutions are sometimes interrupted by his whim. He might, for example, spot some roaming havelinas or wild dogs and order a chase. Ir he might take the appearance of a band of wandering vagabonds as an excuse for his groups to practice law enforcement, cornering and surrounding these vagrants, all in sport of course.

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INDY SPOTLIGHT: Delilah Blast #1

First Comics News - Sun, 09/17/2023 - 03:20
Delilah Blast #1 Today is Delilah’s big day since she gets to join the Earth Science Association. Science runs the world and the Earth is governed by the E.S.A., the…
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Wretched New Flesh Post Cards From Avalidad Rpg & The Works of J.G. Ballard as Old School Campaign

Swords & Stitchery - Sat, 09/16/2023 - 18:49
Wretched New Flesh Postcards from Avalidad is one of my favorite rpg's from the Red Room. But how does this mix with say the works of surrealist Science Fiction author J.G. Ballard?!  Good afternoon & deeply sorry for my absence. Real life and work has been taking inreasing amounts of my time lately. I wanted to take a bit of time out to speak about the Wretched New Flesh rpg from the Red Room.  Needleshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11243274667834930867noreply@blogger.com0
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Carry On

Doomslakers! - Sat, 09/16/2023 - 14:37

Been in a funk lately. I was working on the new game every day, kind of obsessed with it, then I got COVID. Seems like that's when the funk started. Been kind of flitting around since then, not focused on a damn thing. Arting randomly, no focus at all.

But such is life. I have a wandering mind. Sometimes it's worse than other times. I would probably fit into some category of neurodivergent, but I'm not dysfunctional enough to give a shit about checking.

Even unfocused, though, I still draw a decent amount. I berate myself for not doing much but then I look at my art stack and realize it just keeps growing and growing and growing. Even my daughter, who draws all the time, comments "How do you just keep drawing so much?".

I guess my issue is that I see all these accomplished comics creators, for example, who did x number of issues of their book over x decades and I'm like "Where's my x book?". I don't really have one. People know me either for The Pool, Pan-Gea, Black Pudding, or my pin-up art. I think. I'm so god damn random I can't even tell if any of that is true.

Here's a logo I recently drew for a character aptly named Hoofnar. Great visual concept. I even have a cool cover for it, pictured here. But I've been unable to settle on the character's core. Is he a goofy bastard bumbling through a cartoon world? Is he a serious straight Conan riff? Is he something else? I don't know. It's got me locked up on doing him.
I mean, this idea has legs, right?

Meanwhile there's Zarp. That little red bastard has been with me for 23 years and I've drawn lots of little comics about him. I even drew a 16 pager at the end of 2022. I want to get that into print. But I'm stumbling around not sure if I want to do a dedicated Zarp comic or not.

And now, suddenly, there's this Hymla idea. She's a badass warrior chick. She's thick and mean and missing a tooth. I like her a lot. She deserves a comic too.
Picture it in FULL COLOR.
Come to think of it, the Hymla piece, in color, would make a fucking sweet 11x17 poster. I might do up a few and sell them, signed and numbered and all that.
All of this leads me to the inevitable concept of a simple anthology comic wherein I can just dump all my comic book ideas. Like Random Order Comics, which makes sense. I already did a Random Order Comics & Games zine back in the oughts. And my imprint is Random Order Creations (established 1994, and consistently used ever since).
Which leads me to this concept.

Yeah, I'm a creative mess right now. But that's cool. I've always been a mess. I still keep messing around.
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Scourge of the Tikbalang

Ten Foot Pole - Sat, 09/16/2023 - 11:11
By Zzarchov Kowolski Self Published OSR/NGR Level ... 2?

A vicious Tikbalang has been reported in the area and it is terrorizing the village. The townsfolk are too frightened to attempt to hunt down the beast and the village elder is cautious about emptying  the town of defences, since there are pirates in the neighbouring village. A heavy reward in golden  treasures is offered if the rumours can both be proven true and solved by bringing the head of the beast to the elder. If the beast is not slain, the villagers may need to kill those it assaulted, lest they give birth to more Tikbalang. It is hoped that, if the original beast is slain, the children will be born as normal human children.

This sixteen page adventure describes a simple situation in a small primitive village. It’s got that air of believable humanity that Kowolski excels at, while also being a bit simple for the page count.

You are summoned to small primitive fishing village. A young maiden has been attacked in the jungle by a tiklabang and is preggers! All is lost unless you kill the best so her child will turn out human and not tiklabang!. Her fiance came upon her just as the beast disappeared. Another young lady has been attacked also. A local hunter has seen tracks in the forest of its hooves. The wise woman has has a vision of it. Oh, uh, her fiance didn’t actually see the beast. And he thought the sounds he heard sounded good, not like an attack. The other chick needs to be te center of attention. The hunters brother is sweet on the preggers chick. And the wise woman is VERY senile. Yuppers. The headman is trying to keep a bunch of people from getting killed, especially the first chick and the hunters brother. Cause the fiance is a corn fed lad in his 20’s with a fucking machete, leader of the village militia. A good example of what Truth s in an adventure, I’d say. There’s something going on, but its not exactly what the surface might appear to be and the party is going to have to dig a bit to get there. A far cry from the very earnest villagers we find in nearly every other adventure. This is the way the world actually works, people doing their best with all of the pettines and greed seeping through where possible if they think they can get away with it. The party isn’t so much heroes as much as cleaning up a fucking mess that is dumped on them. This is life. And, the mess can be cleaned up by grabbing a horse head … the only one of which is available is in the next village, 2km away, which is currently occupied by pirates! The journey is the destination in man Zzarchov adventures, just as it is here.

There’s this air of believability, of relatability, in the adventure. The hulking young man with the machete, ready to kill his fiance if she cheated on him. The actual lover, who goes crazy is confronted too hard, attacking the party against all odds, with a small iron knife. The  entire thing comes across as imagined first. “This is the what could happen, this is the way life works” and then put down on paper and turned in to an adventure. The concept not constrained by the game system. And these are, i think, some of the best adventures. 

This is a sticky adventure. It’s a relatively simple one, so its got that going for it, and the concepts and people involved are easy to remember and run. One quick read-through and you don’t really need the book anymore. Which is a kind way of me saying that you can’t run this at the table using the book. It’s just free form paragraph formatting. That;s not reference material you can use at the table. But, making the content sticky is a valid methodology as well and it works here, partly because it IS such a simple adventure. 

A few more villagers would have been nice. And, the attack on pirate village is not really detailed. No map. No events. Just a note that the captured villagers wont be happy to see the party either, for fear of being blamed for the horse theft. 

I’m going to regret this. Like Old Bay, this thing is going to stick around with me forever. As a side trek one pager it could be great and I’d think of it that way. Not really verbose, not really wasting words, but, the stickiness of it makes the book not needed once you know it. And while you COULD run it based just on my review, why not buy it, since it’s a charity adventure?

This is $4 at DriveThru.


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Hex Crawl 23 #244: Faery Jerboa Character Race/Class Levels 1-5

Roles & Rules - Sat, 09/16/2023 - 08:38

Three hexes southwest, eight northwest of Alakran.


A player in the Game of Bronze wished, for reasons of humility, to run a character that was both underpowered and incapable of speaking to all but one other regular character. The result was the faery jerboa -- a character class certainly weaker than the rest, but which can be up-cannoned by starting at level 3. Escaped from the faery plane by mysterious means, the character, Oelita, gave up the chance to lead the whole party back through a rift. Surely some other tract of desolate land will begin to feature the details of the deserts of Faerie, which were developed in some detail for a player choice that never happened.

Original art by Lui!


Race/Class Features

You are a Tiny-sized creature, with STR - 6, DEX +3, CHA +3.

Your leaping Speed is 30 feet.

You speak only Jerboa but understand Common and can learn to understand other lamnguages. You level up immediately on gaining the requisite xp, with no need for training.

As a faerie jerboa, you gain the following features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d4 at level 2, 1d6 at level 3+

Hit Points at 1st Level: 1
Hit Points at Higher Levels: Level hit die + your Constitution modifier per faerie jerboa level after 1st


Armor: None
Weapons: Simple weapons, tiny-sized (1 hp damage maximum)
Tools: Choose one: thieves' tools

Saving Throws: Dexterity, Charisma
Skills: Stealth plus any three of: Acrobatics, Arcana, Insight, Nature, Perception, Survival


You start with the following tiny-size equipment:

  • (a) any simple weapon made of thorns and twigs
  • (a) a explorer’s pack or (b) a scholar’s pack

Tiny: You are a large jerboa about the size of a hamster. May not carry equipment with a total weight greater than 1 lb. May move through any larger opponents, and move and hide into any place a hamster could fit.

Flitting Defense: You have Reaction: If you can see a non-area attack against you, you may make a DEX save with DC equal to the attack's final hit roll to avoid the attack's effects.

Keen Smell/Hearing: You have Advantage on Perception checks involving these senses.

Limited Flight: Once per minute you can fly with speed of 20' for one turn.

Limited Cantrip: You may cast one Sorcerer cantrip from your list. You regain this ability after a long or short rest.

Sustained Flight: Twice per minute you can fly with speed of 25' for one turn.

Premonition:  You have Reaction: Before an area effect would damage you, you may leap 30' (possibly leaving the area and taking no damage).

Faerie Spellcasting: You are a spellcaster with your Faerie Jerboa level minus three. Charisma is your spellcasting stat and you use the Sorcerer spell list. You regain all spells each short or long rest but may only cast each spell once from the list before a rest.

Unlimited Cantrip: Choose one of your cantrips. You may cast it each turn.

Full Flight: You may fly with a speed of 30'.

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The Splintered Realm - Fri, 09/15/2023 - 22:44
To the surprise of nobody who has followed my blog for any length of time, my productivity fell off the cliff right around the first of September. It MIGHT be that it coincided with the start of school. I just checked my history, and I often go from 20-30 posts in August to 1-3 in September, and then I start to slowly tick up again the following spring, peaking in the summer before crashing to earth again.
I managed to get a bunch of Army Ants pages in the pipeline by the end of summer, so I've been releasing new pages every day, and today finally hit the point where I had to go in and start adding more pages again. 
All of my creative energies at present are being devoted to staging our high school's production of "Romeo and Juliet", which I just cast on Tuesday and which has its first read through on Monday. I'm pretty jazzed for it. Maybe I'll share more about this at some point. I don't know if this will make as much sense to anyone else as it makes to me, but the pivotal fight sequence between Romeo, Mercutio, and Tybalt is underscored by the entirety of Ah-Ha's "Take on Me" and it's going to be sublime.
Trust me.
I would love to give you an update on gaming and comics stuff, but there isn't one, and I really just wanted to pop in, say hello, and remind you that the Army Ants pages are being remastered, released a page a day over on Comic Fury.  
I was thinking I might get a little solo gaming in this weekend, and the possibility is still out there... if so, I'll post about it. If not, I'll probably touch base again after "Romeo and Juliet" closes on October 27. 
Be well.

Tegel Manor - Worlds Without Number & Cities Without Number Rpg - Arrows & Andies - Session Report

Swords & Stitchery - Fri, 09/15/2023 - 15:26
 The action picks up from the last time here on the blog.The operators in last night's game were able to track the CYBER-NETTERs back to thier base. Yet the party were attacked by bandits before reaching the base! The bands had the party pinned down with arrows and small arms fire! After several successful rolls & plenty of flanking the party managed to pin one of the bandits down. The party Needleshttp://www.blogger.com/profile/11243274667834930867noreply@blogger.com0
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Edie Eckman: Designer Showcase

Moogly - Fri, 09/15/2023 - 15:00

This month's Designer Showcase features a big big name in crochet - Edie Eckman! Edie Eckman is a designer, author, teacher, editor, and one of the greatest technical minds working in crochet today. Learn more about this talented crocheter, and get 5 free crochet patterns here on Moogly! Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. A...

Read More

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Doctor Who Magazine 595 Goes to Mel and Back!

Blogtor Who - Fri, 09/15/2023 - 13:00
Doctor Who Magazine 595 goes to Mel and back as they talk to Bonnie Langford about the return of Melanie Bush!

New editor Jason Quinn has taken the reigns at the greatest magazine in the galaxy! But Doctor Who Magazine continues its coverage this month of the upcoming Fifteenth Doctor era. This month the DWM team talk to Bonnie Langford about all things Mel. From her original run as the Doctor’s companion in the 1980s, and her work with Big Finish, to her cameo in last year’s Power of the Doctor and triumphant return in next year’s Series Fourteen, it’s all here. Plus, find out what she thinks of the differences between Mel and new companion Ruby!


More on the new era this issue
  • Bonnie Langford – DWM interviews the star about her upcoming return to Doctor Who as Melanie Bush
  • We Need to Talk About Mel Bush – all you need to know about the classic companion
  • Letter from the Showrunner – showrunner Russell T Davies shares further witty insights from the heart of Bad Wolf
  • Production Notes – more teasing diary entries from script editor Scott Handcock
  • Emily Cook – the tables are turned as the former DWM interviewer is interviewed about her role in bringing about the return of RTD, Tennant and Tate
  • Liberation of the Daleks Part 12 – the Fourteenth Doctor’s very first adventure, exclusive to DWM, reaches its penultimate chapter
  • Gallifrey Guardian – all the latest news about the new series and everything else Who related


Also this issue:
  • Dan Slott – the Eisner Award winning Spider-Man writer reveals his life long love of Doctor Who and finally getting the chance to enter the Whoniverse with new comic Once Upon a Time Lord
  • Magic the Gathering – a special preview of the new Doctor Who command decks from the world’s most popular strategy card game
  • The Fact of Fiction – The Trial of a Time Lord Parts 13-14
  • 60 Years 60 Objects – iconic items from 2008-2012
  • Plus – Previews, The DWM Review, prize-winning competitions, Time and Space Visualiser and more.



Doctor Who Magazine 595 (c) Panini Doctor Who Magazine 595

DWM Issue 595 is on sale Thursday the 14th of September from the online Panini store, WH Smith and other retailers priced £6.99 (UK). Also available as a digital edition from Pocketmags priced £9.99. You can also save with a subscription, as well as receiving exclusive, text-free covers.


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Hex Crawl 23 #243: Wild Pigs of the Dryland

Roles & Rules - Fri, 09/15/2023 - 12:29

Two hexes southwest, nine northwest of Alakran.

Here we have a population of wild pigs that roams the adjoining regions. Technically, taxonomically, they're not pigs but peccaries or javelinas, half-sized compared to the normal wild boars in your fantasy game. They travel in groups of 10-40, mark their territory with musk, and live off desert plants and nibbling at the edges of cultivated fields. They are the target of an annual autumn hog hunt held among the Wahatti special forces, in which axe-beak riders flush out the game and move them toward the infantry, which has at them with sling, bow, and spear.

For ordinary travelers, to be realistic, they pose no threat unless these are hungry times for the herd, or unless the travelers want to emulate the warriors of Wahattu and feast on the gamy, strong-scented meat of these near-swine.

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D&D’s Biggest Controversies Ranked—6. The Melnibonéan and Cthulhu Mythoi Disappear From Deities & Demigods

DM David - Fri, 09/15/2023 - 11:33

In 1980, TSR published Deities & Demigods complete with sections describing the Melnibonéan mythos of Elric and H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. Meanwhile, another game publisher, Chaosium, prepared to release the licensed games Stormbringer and Call of Cthulhu based on the same stories. They sent cease-and-desist letters to TSR.

The legal demand put TSR in a bind. TSR had gained letters granting permission to include the sections from Lovecraft publisher Arkham House and from Elric author Michael Moorcock. Armed with these letters, TSR could have fought. “The company wasn’t rich at that point,” explained TSR executive James Ward. Brian Blume, TSR’s head of operations, “didn’t want to go to California, get a California lawyer, and spend time and money winning the case.” TSR could have stopped selling Deities & Demigods, but it sold great. Pulling the book meant pulping copies on hand, reprinting, and paying new costs. Reprinting the book with fewer pages would take time. During the lapse, some customers would lose interest and TSR would lose sales.

So TSR worked a deal with Chaosium. In exchange for keeping the Elric and Cthulhu content in Deities & Demigods, TSR allowed Chaosium to make their Thieves’ World supplement compatible with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Despite trading for permission to keep the mythoi, TSR removed them from new printings of the book. Brian Blume likely feared the content would lead gamers to a competitor’s games. And besides, the change led to a shorter, more profitable book.

For the full story, see The True Story of the Cthulhu and Elric Sections Removed from Deities & Demigods.

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JUST JOSHING: The Mask of Haliya

First Comics News - Fri, 09/15/2023 - 06:24
So, my favorite comic of the year has increasingly been coming from independent comics. This particular case comes from my San Diego comic con experience. I’ve been working on a…
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