BeerWar Alc./Vol. 3: Erdinger Weissbier vs the Farmer's Daughter

Stepping out of the trenches

Erdinger Weissbrau 500ml Tall Boy can 5.3%
A German wheat beer.

Erdinger is the shortform of the brewing company that makes this particular Weißbier. They also make Leicht, Alkoholfrei, Urweisse, Dunkel, Kristall Sommerweisse, Schneeweiße and Pikantus. The roots of this brewery are in Bavaria. If you don't know where that is, go to Liechtenstein, buy some stamps, take a quite tour North and a little East. It's well worth the trip! This particular brew is their flagship. Noted as EW periodically fortan.

Farmer's Daughter Blonde Ale 473ml Tall Boy can 5%
A Blonde Ale best served in the hayloft.

This pale ale is from the Ottawa Valley in Ontario, Canada. This isn't to be confused with the complex maze of Ottawa proper but the beautiful rolling valley West of Ottawa.

What struck me about this “Ale” is how much it tasted like a German wheat beer. After my turn in the hayloft I decided I had to take a closer look and begin this odyssey. Yeah, I just say words that sound neat. Niftilicious. Farmer's Daughter (noted as FD periodically) is by Whitewater Brewing Co. which makes sense if you know Ottawa culture. Now if you're an Ottawatonian, you likely haven't heard of the Ottawa Valley. It's filled with the people who actually support your NHL franchise. The people range from Pembroke to Kingston with Smiths Falls being in the centre.

Back to what's important..... Haylofts.

Both of these luxurious beauties pour easily although the EW appears more frothy but loses it's head in shock at the scandalous Farmer's Daughter which knew how to deal with it's small stalwart head.

The first taste of Erdinger's finest is frothy goodness that coats you in it's, wheat for it, embrace.

FD tastes like Erdinger's little sister... Uhm... Well, it's very similar yet lighter and more ample.

While both are obviously carbonated, neither hit you as too much or not enough. Both are just right.

EW is mildly sweet and the carbonation sits near your wisdom teeth long enough for a good lecture and to have a little dance. Trust me, those wise old buggers will enjoy it. Moreso if you do not oxygenate this fine brew as it will cater to their pleasure with more patience.

FD is ever so slightly sweeter however before you know it, it's gone down in a hussy, er, hurry, not waiting to come up for air. In fact oxygenating this lady makes little difference.

EW is a little meatier but the flavours of both are similar. EW feels and tastes good for any occasion. It's a little heavier than FD but both are still moderate to light and both sit very well if EW maybe sits a little quieter.

FD knows what it's doing and takes advantage of you, and hay, why not. Now you know what you're getting into. Just remember that while EW is steady, FD is a smidgen lighter and more adventurous.

Whichever you choose, enjoy!

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