2015-11-15 [Graphic India] Black Tiger #1 (2015)

Graphic India spins out of Virgin Comics but has a completely different feel without Deepak Chopra's heady influence. This specific hero is created by the driving force behind the India-based comics, Sharad Davarajan. Sharad is a fascinating man who appears driven and accomplished.

He handed the title over to writer Chuck Dixon and artist Graham Nolan.

While this could be a male version of Devi to some degree, it feels like Black Tiger's origin story is an amalgamation of Batman and Green Lantern with a slight twist and then placed in India. A substantial amount of the issue is taken up by the origin story and then a small amount about what appears to be the ongoing metaplot.

The artwork is fitting and professional. There is little to say about Nolan's work as it's solid and helps tell the story. It doesn't overshadow the story nor fail to do it justice. It simply fits.

Story-wise there isn't a whole lot to say about Dixon either. He has told the origin and set up the coming issues. There is some dark secret organization to uncover as a big metaplot surrounding some stones of power as well as the simpler driving force of justice. Justice in this case finds it okay to kill people. It also appears that the anger-twisted protagonist has a wealthy organization to back him up and a flippant female sidekick who will aid him behind the scenes.

There is nothing truly Indian-feeling about this story yet. It just happens to be located there.

Everything is set up to make this a viable title however the first issue lacks gusto.This may be because of the hefty origin story which while simple, takes many pages to tell. It could probably have been summed up quicker and then told an actual story with some forward movement but this is not uncommon.

Black Tiger has potential but won't likely be overly deepak. ;)