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[BOTRE-TBH] Combat Robot Starter

RPG: Barbarians of the Ruined Earth
Core Mechanics: The Black Hack

Combat Robot

14 Strength
11 Intelligence
06 Wisdom
05 Dexterity
11 Constitution
10 Charisma

12 Hit Points

1d8/1d6 Weapon Damage
Shoulder Laser Canon (1d8 usage) recharges with sleep/shutdown.
Metal Body 2RP

Disadvantage with bartering and reactions

[FAL-Horror] Rebellious Missionary

RPG: Far Away Land (Modified for modern horror like Cryptworld/Chill)

Jake Henry
Brute 1; Dexterity 2; Wits 3
Boons: Medic(W) 1, Occult(W) 1, Bookish(W) 1, Lore(W) 1
Flaw: Shy
Hit Points 11; Action Points 5; Luck 2; AC 0

ESV Bible, Henry's Occult book, pen, notebook, flashlight, Unihertz Titan smartphone, stethoscope

[Cryptworld] Jake the Missionary (Chill 1e)

RPG: Cryptworld (Chill 1e)

Jake the Medical Missionary

Bachelor of Arts, Medical School, Seminary, commissioned formissionary work.
Canadian, 5'5" 155lbs, 27 years old

42 Strength
44 Dexterity
38 Agility
38 Personality
60 Willpower
64 Perception
48 Luck
42 Stamina

71 Tracking
68 Medicine
59 Bola

43 Unskilled Melee
00 Penetration Bonus
03 Stamina Recovery Rate
12 Wounds

54 Psychometry (Paranormal Talent (1))

[2021-01-11] Metamorphosis Alpha Characters - 3.5 Editions

Metamorphosis Alpha Characters - 3.5 Editions

I decided to make as close to the same character as I could over four editions of Metamorphosis Alpha. 1e, 3e (25th), 4e and S26 (5e). Maybe even compare to Gamma World 2e. I don't have the Amazing Engine version unfortunately.

We'll stick to Human but note some of the differences.

[MA4e] Plant Pylo

RPG: Metamorphosis Alpha 4e (Mudpuppy)

Cactus (5')
07 Constitution (80/150 lbs)
07 Dexterity
1 (5) Leadership Potential
15 (18) Mental Resistance (+3 puzzles, 180 IQ)
02 Radiation Resistance
23 Luck
34 Hit Points

Mutations: Heightened Intelligence, Mobility, New Body Part: Eyes, Spikes/Thorns, New Body Part: Human Voice Box, Alpha Wave Generation, De-Volution, Ultravision, Siz Limbs

Advantage: Immune to Paralysis

[MA4e] Human Eshbert

RPG: Metamorphosis Alpha 4e (Mudpuppy)

23 year old Human
15 Constitution (150/300 lbs)
15 Dexterity (AC -1)
13 Leadership Potential
13 Mental Resistance (+1 puzzles; IQ 130)
13 Radiation Resistance
15 Luck
60 Hit Points

+3 attack with Human weapons, general AI/Robots follow instructions, +3 Mental and Physical checks, no memories

Equipment: Cryo Suit

[MA25] Human Gambert

RPG: Metamorphosis Alpha 25th Anniversary Edition (Fast Forward Entertainment)

14 Constitution (150/300 lbs)
09 Dexterity
17 Leadership Potential
07 Mental Resistance
03 Radiation Resistance
18 Luck
61 Hit Points

No equipment.

[MA1e] Human Gilbert

RPG: Metamorphosis Alpha 1e

15 Radiation Resistance
11 Mental Resistance
13 Dexterity
09 Constitution
06 Strength
15 Leadership Potential (5% chance mutated follower, 10% Human follower, max 5 followers)
25 Hit Points

[TFOS] Wren the Human

RPG: Teenagers From Outer Space

Wren, a Human boy caught in the middle....

6 Smarts (fleeing aliens who want to 'pick' my brain)
2 Bod
5 RWP (Relationship with Parents/Authorities)
3 Luck
6 Driving (get challenged at the worst times)
4 Looks
3 Cool
2 Bonk

Shoot Big Raygun 1, Sneak 2, Dance 2, Hunch 1
Incredibly Cute
Girl Crazy, Humble, Manic

[MgT1-SD] Strontium Dog - Bonfear

RPG: Strontium Dog (RTT1e)

Borak Bonfear
UPP: 65D140D Search/Destroy Agent
(Strength 0, Dexterity-1, Endurance+2, Intelligence-2, Education-1, Social Standing-3, Influence+2)
30 years old, 3 Terms (entered the S/D Agency at 18)

Shambolic Mutations:
Bony Protrusion Armour Nose Bridge (+4 Inf, -6 Int)
Skeletal Nostrils (+5 Dex, -5 Influence)
Monitor Lizard Upper Jaw (+4 Inf, -4 Dex)
Hawk Eyes (-4 Dex, +5 Int)
Iguana Scale Genitals (+6 End, -4 Dex)


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