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[AD&D1e] 2020-07-28 Tiwesdæg Myrgþ | The Seven Mirths

July 28, 2020 Mirthful AD&D1e

Ongoing Cast of Miscreants:
(Kitty) Aerya/Aeryn the greedy Elf F/MU/Th
(Evan) Raven the Zen Human Monk
(Chase) Kruger the Artillery Elf F/MU
( Kurt) Gorlim The Hooded Half-Orc F/C
(Clay) Dockery/D'Corry the Ladyslayer Dwarf Cleric

New this episode!
(Dwight) Hælen Whelmette the Human Ranger

As all grand adventures do, this one begins with the entrance of a star character. One of no regard who may or may not prove useful. I'll let you decide who it is!

[COC7e] S07a | Harella - Let Down Your Hair Part 1

Session 7 (July 19, 2020)
Attending: Derek(Dwight), Ginger(Kathi), Gerald(Dan), Frankie(Luke), Nik(Bob)
Bear in mind this is from Derek's point of view only and not a complete account.

Diary of Derek Moriarty
~May14, 1927

In the Dreamlands.

Head toward valley. I subconsciously pat the dream dagger. We have a choice. To the left there is a goat path where we must cross a crevasse; to the right we could take a wide path through the desert. In the middle, a battle of hundreds rages between Dwaves and Humans.

[S&W-WB] Foyle | Cleric 2 | Bill Webb's FGGD

System: Swords & Wizardry Whitebox

Foyle the Human 2nd Level Cleric

13 Strength (+1)
08 Intelligence (0)
13 Wisdom (+1)
10 Dexterity (0)
12 Constitution (0)
15 Charisma (+1)

2358 XP
1350 gp

Plate & Shield

Ring of Flying (5 Charges)
Holy Hand Grenade (5d6 Fireball, must count to 3, goes off 2 rds later)

chalk, pouch of powdered chalk, 50' rope, 4 torches, mallet, 5 spikes, wooden stake, sprig of belladonna

[MgT2] Baron Mida | Tinath/Drinax


Name: Baron Mida
Race: Human
Age: 42
UPP: 17372C

Money: 30K Credits
Special: Subdermal Armour +1

Language (Zdetl - Zhodani) 1, Pilot 1, Survival (ice) 1, Carouse 1, Flyer 1, Gunner 1, Art 1, Steward 1, Gun Combat 1, Jack of All Trades 1
Admin 0, Mechanic 0, Drive 0, Electronics 0, Recon 0, Heavy Weapons (vehicle) 0, Investigate 0, Vacc Suit 0

[Lost Craft] Crimzen at 4.7% alc./vol. in a 473ml Tall Boy Can

Lost Craft Crimzen Premium Red Ale

Cloudy Amber, not much head,

Mild malt scent.

Spreads out and coats the tongue like it’s dancing with more bubbles than you'd expect leaving a slightly sour aftertaste.

Reminds me of sour cream glazed donuts.

Light weight, smooth, mild bubbles that dance across the tongue leaving sour notes.

[MgT2] Vargr 1 | Tinath/Drinax

Rikki-Tikki-Traveller 2e

Race: Vargr
Age: 38

Melee 3(4)
Admin 1, Animals (Riding) 1, Athletics (Dex) 1, Deception 1, Engineer 1, Explosives 1, Gun Combat 1, Heavy Weapons (Man) 1, Leadership 1, Medic 1, Recon 1, Vacc Suit 1
Drive 0, Electronics 0, Flyer 0, Mechanics 0, Profession 0

[MgT1] Burt Lancaster | Cowboy of the Terran Wild West

Name: Burt Lancaster
Age: 22
Homeworld: Earth
UPP: A78546
Animals (Handling) 3
Guns (Slug) 2
Stealth 1, Deception 1, Streetwise 1
Medic 0, Carouse 0, Athletics 0, Survival 0, Recon 0, Navigation 0
Info: Was a Cowboy; something went wrong and had to flee a State; has an ally.

[thepuck 2019-01-19] Flyers 5 @ Habs 2 EN

More than half the period was gone before the Flyers achieved a shot on goal. 14 minutes in they had a 3 on 2 against a collapsing Mete and Weber, performed a nice play and missed the net. The period end 0-0 and despite the lack of SOGs by Philly, it's a tight free-flowing game with only ten faceoffs so far with both teams playing well...

[Movie Review] The Forest (2016) 2 Catkins


The Forest is a well paced tense ride with appropriate jump-scares but fails in the end by not following the verisimilitude it built up.

The cast was excellent and the production values felt solid. Even the concept had a lot of potential and again, the constant tension was near perfect as this film keeps you glued.

[thepuck 2019-01-21] Avs 0 @ Habs 3 EN

Press are still yacking about MacKinnon's temper tantrum. Ex-Hab Mark Barberio is in the lineup for the Avs.

Below is the lineup with my rating for each player in the game. This is not a direct reflection of their skill level but how they impacted this specific game. It's rated from 1-10. It does not take into account intangibles like how they lead off the ice.


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