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Grannys got a new bag

Granny square bottom bag

I wanted a cute gift bag and this pattern came about! It's an open granny square at the bottom (not good for holding tiny things but great for wrapped gifts!) and granny stitch up the sides with a handle at the top.

Hook size: 4 mm
Yarn used: Light Fingering yarn + Thread-type yarn = Fingering
Gauge: Not overly important
Colours:I used a silver cotton thread and a sequined black and silver yarn.

-Start granny square and continue for 8 rounds (alt do granny sq with no holes):

Crochet Pattern - Pensive Brimmed Hat

I wanted a nice textured hat with a flipped up brim and this hat came about!

Hook size: 5.5 mm
Yarn used: Worsted weight
Gauge: Not overly important
Colours: I changed colours randomly, you can use all one colour or change at the start of any row. Having a contrasting brim colour

Do not join unless stated.

Top of the hat

Round 1: 8 hdc into a magic ring.

Place marker in 1st hdc of round and move up as you go to keep track of start. (8 stitches)

Summer Multishawl

Hook Size: 8 mm
Yarn used: Dahlia cotton by Hobbii
Colour way: 07 Mystery Day

Foundation hdc 70 stitches, join to first (from here to the end you are working in the round)
Every Row: work in spiral hdc in 3rd loop (The third loop is the loop behind the < )
Repeat until out of yarn

Forms a tube to drape lengthwise over shoulders or pull over your head as a cowl (can be pulled down to cover shoulders and pull up to have a hood as well!)

Corner to Corner Dish/Face Cloth

C2C Dish/Face Cloth

Hook size: 3.0 mm
Yarn used: Hobbii Cotton Kings Soft Print
Weight: Super Fine (1)
Colour: 207 (Red multiple shades)
Finished size : 7" x 7"

Skills required: Must be familiar with C2C technique using hdcs
For a tutorial on C2C go here:

Volume 7: Captive of Gor

This book focused on a specific minor character for most of the story, compared to the others with Tarl as the main. The person it focused on was a spoiled, lying, cheating, brat of a girl and I don't think I felt bad for her once during the book. The first part was hard to get into (as usual), it plodded along as the story was set up. It took me until around 100 pages in before I was able to read more then a few pages at a time and when it finally grabbed my curiosity to keep going.

Volume 6:Raiders of Gor

This book started pretty slow, but turned into a swashbuckling-action-oriented feast! It was reminiscent of the first book and I really enjoyed it for the most part. I find in almost all of the Gor books I start out a bit bored while they set the story up, then get hooked when the meat of it starts.

Volume 5: Assassin of Gor - What in tarn-ation?!

Immediately this one was better than Nomads, and thank goodness for that. This was reminiscent of the first two books, full of adventure and action. I really enjoyed the journey and the prose was pretty good this time.

There were some twists and turns in the story but nothing you don't see coming from a pasang away. I was moved by some of the conflicts the characters faced and got quite attached to some minor characters. There was one surprise I didn't expect, they certainly fooled me there.

Putting on the Knitz....

It's been a very busy, very...strange 6 months. Lots of sickness has gone around and I'm on a merry-go-round of being sick it seems this year.

I haven't been knitting or crocheting much, saying that I still have 6 projects on the go, and I've been itching to cast on a . I think it'd be perfect to wear to work in the air conditioning this summer.

Always something new to learn...

That's one thing I really like about the yarny arts, there's always a lesson to learn, a new technique to figure out or a creative way to make a new stitch.

I finished my continuous crochet baby blanket and I was perplexed about its pinwheel pattern.

One-handed Hooking

I finally got tired of not being able to knit or crochet properly this past week. For the past while I've been doing a one handed crochet with my left hand that is very slow. I finally figured out a comfortable position that allows me to crochet normally and almost at the speed I'm used to. I was having serious yarn withdrawl and started a baby afghan to ease it. Now the shakes are going away and I'm feeling like myself again!


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