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C9A - Tony those nuts?

This chapter gave a brief glimpse into the Professors plan, which I confess I still don't understand!

I enjoyed the introduction of Tony Donuts, although his speech was a bit difficult to understand, I had to re-read the conversations a few times.

Right now I'm kind of on Tony's side, sometimes I want to see the bad guys win.

I enjoyed the punning and the punning response of kicking the side of the bed. From now on when I or someone else puns I'm going to kick a nearby object. What could go wrong?

Internet Buzzwords Against Humanity.

icloud vs Cloud: Adding ‘i’ in front of something does not make it a new, innovative word.

The cloud is the storage and access of data and software hosted by a third party. It does not mean that your data is in some virtual space that can’t be touched; it’s still hosted on a physical data centre somewhere (just not yours!). It’s outside of your control, gives me the warm fuzzies just thinking about it.

C8A: Professor Who?

I finally willed myself to crack Callahan's Lady open again after that disturbing 'The Paranoid' story.

The first chapter was more to my liking and what I was used to from the first story in the book.

I enjoyed Sherri's explanation of her 'scene' with the Japanese businessmen, such polite rapists!

A Picture is worth a thousand vulnerabilities...

Recently I went into a business that was moving. They had various posters and brochures touting all the advantages of this move to a new building. The building was apparently brand new, still under construction and to provide customers with some insight the business posted the new buildings floor plan. It showed the new layout of the business as well as entrances, bathrooms, staff rooms, a security room, the server room, etc. My focus immediately went to the security room, server room and other secure rooms.

Security FAQ

I received some questions about cybersecurity and made up a mini-faq to answer them.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is someone posing as a legitimate company/person to gain sensitive information from a user for malicious purposes. (Think of when you fish with fake bait, the fish thinks it’s real so it bites.)

When I join a website what do they do with my personal information?

Every company is different, when on their website, look for their ‘Privacy policy’ and it will indicate exactly what they are doing with your information.

A Security Primer

Physical Security

This includes things like not having papers on desk after you leave work, visible passwords or other confidential information.

Lock your computer when you leave, even for a few minutes, especially if there is someone else in your office . Privacy screens can be helpful for this.

Fairy Tail First impressions

Since I enjoyed The Seven Deadly Sins so much I thought I'd try watching another anime series. I chose Fairy Tail and watched two episodes of it.

Seven Deadly Sins Ending Review

I watched all of the series within the span of 3 days, safe to say I binged on it a bit.

In the end it was a mostly light and fluffy popcorny show, I really enjoyed it.

Spoilers ahead!

7 deadly sins of cuteness

A new title caught my eye on Netflix last night, a 'Netflix exclusive' anime called 'The Seven Deadly Sins.'

I watched an episode to see if I'd like it, and 5 episodes later I concluded I clearly did.

I have a low tolerance for fan-service in anime, which has grown as I have gotten older. (I see you laughing, you know who you are, hush!). So far I'm enjoying the characters and the story, it's not terribly unique but it's also not cookie-cutter, it's like a slightly unusually shaped cookie cutter.

What the...did I just read? The paranoid.

Well...That was an interesting read, nothing like the first two books.

Even now I'm not entirely sure what I just read.

From what I gather, a trodden-on woman with a chip on her shoulder gave herself magic powers so she could order other people around. Apparently life was hard for this brilliant and beautiful woman.

You'd think I would sympathize with her regarding working in a male-dominated field, but I really couldn't.

This story disturbed me a bit and reinforced how a person's perspective shapes their entire reality.


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