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C4-C5A Hammer time?

There was alot of punning in these chapters. I gotta say I didnt understand most of them, the word game made no sense to me (maybe that was the point?)

I enjoyed the introduction of "Colt', he was a long-"winded" character. It was hard not to giggle at his affliction.

I found the in depth description about the sanitary conditions and health of the various harems to be really interesting. Probably mostly accurate as well, disease !=repeat business.

C3A Turning Japanese?

This chapter made my head spin a bit, there was alot going on!

We learned more about Maureen and her 'army brat' past. I loved how Lady Sally figured out she could speak Japanese, I was very confused about why she was saying anything in Japanese.

The pun Maureen made by responding to the Japanese speech with "High" just hit me now..."Hai" is yes in Japanese. I like little jokes like that, makes me chuckle.

C2A Not even Self contempt.

This chapter give some more insight into the main character. I had no idea she was so young, I was imagining a woman in her 30's! Also gives some more insight into her background, her daddy issues and issues with love.

I loved the tour Maureen took of the House, it was very thrilling to imagine. Very inner-eye visually appealing.

Lady Sally sounds like a proper lady, she can be kind and gentle but can also kick your butt on a moments notice. I'd love to know her story.

C1A The man in the buttcheek apron

We started reading Callahan's lady tonight and I gotta say the first chapter just whet my appetite for the book. I had a hard time putting it down.

It was really action-filled and quite humorous. I got a kick out of the 'were-beagle' and laughed quite thoroughly at the balding man in the apron and harness.

One of my favourite lines from the chapter was from that same character, he said '.....please don't tell Mistress Cynthia please don't or she *won't* punish me tonight!' It made me giggle profusely.


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