Battle Creek

The first leg of our adventure is complete.

We left at 10:30am and made good time. Two service centre stops and a Cracker Barrel. The border essentially waived us through after we handed over our fruit.

Neither the phones nor the GPS worked near the border but I had a feel for my way.

We hit well over a dozen snow squalls with two complete white-outs but we happily plodded along. The only feeling of danger was when the car slipped as we went through an underpass, but I accelerated out of it and pulled us straight. The weather was neat and fun. Beautiful sunlight, pretty squalls, sudden darkness, piercing brightness - mercurial weather.

We listened to a bit of The Heist by Janet Evanovich but spent most of the time chatting and enjoying each other's company. What a wonderful companion I have.

I selected Battle Creek as a waypoint for a few reasons. Despite it's name, I understood it to be a safe area. It was a good location. The idea of the name while we travel to a gaming convention appealed to me. It's very nice here and the Comfort Inn is perfect.

We have a spacious room, we're able to swim, free coffee and tea, as well as incredibly friendly staff.

I feel like tomorrow will set the tone. We're divided on Frank's party and I really want to go so we might do our own things which is okay. This leg of the trip is shorter and we should be able to relax tomorrow and maybe even do some touristy things,

I'm anxious and excited. I'm looking forward to seeing some friends and making new ones while sharing this very important occasion with someone special to my heart.