GaryCon Debrief Part One

GaryCon VI (2014) was my second GaryCon after GaryCon III (2011).

I went to GCIII alone and stayed with Forgie who took care of me and showed me the sights. I also got some quality time with Jim Ward. It was a heckuva drive (16.5 hours there in one shot and I think about 12 on the way back).

I had been wanting to return for GCV but an injury kept me away. Circumstances not only allowed me to attend VI but to also bring my companion AND stay at the resort.

The resort bumped our beautiful lake-view suite for a small two queen parking lot view room without the paid for meal vouchers. After some calm negotiations and the manager coming to my side, I received champagne, chocolates, discount, vouchers, and a free manicure for my companion.

My badge had my forum ID instead of my name which was more amusing than a problem.

We checked in and hunted for a way to Frank Mentzer's house party. I tried Tim Kask however he doesn't know me and he sort of rebuffed me. Completely understandable and next GC I'll make an effort to get to know him if he'll let me.

My companion was shy and didn't see the benefit of getting to know people prior to the Con starting. I decided to drive but didn't know the way. Luckily we saw a post on the GC forum about a group waiting in the bar to take people.

We decided to drive ourselves and my companion spotted the group who were happy to guide us through the highway of many turns as if designed by a dyslexic Québécois. I am indebted to their kind and skillful lead through the turns to Frank's house.

Next - Frank and his party.