[BOTRE-TBH] Combat Robot Starter

RPG: Barbarians of the Ruined Earth
Core Mechanics: The Black Hack

Combat Robot

14 Strength
11 Intelligence
06 Wisdom
05 Dexterity
11 Constitution
10 Charisma

12 Hit Points

1d8/1d6 Weapon Damage
Shoulder Laser Canon (1d8 usage) recharges with sleep/shutdown.
Metal Body 2RP

Disadvantage with bartering and reactions

Notes: Healing salves don't work on me, can see in low light, immune to mind alteration/poison/disease/hunger/suffocation/non-magical fire, I take double damage from electricity and am stunned, must shut down for 8 hours every day to recharge.

Salvage: there are a slew of rules on this to dig through.