Volume 6:Raiders of Gor

This book started pretty slow, but turned into a swashbuckling-action-oriented feast! It was reminiscent of the first book and I really enjoyed it for the most part. I find in almost all of the Gor books I start out a bit bored while they set the story up, then get hooked when the meat of it starts.

The final battle scene description made my eyes glaze over a bit, it could be because I'd taken a break from the Gor series so I had forgotten what certain terms meant. I skimmed through the in depth ship descriptions because I wanted to get back to the action. (And because honestly...I didn't care, it's a boat...move on). Tying the women to the front of the boats was equally barbaric and beautiful to imagine, their faces twisted in fright, their bodies on display. I'd like to see a painting of that.

Character-wise I liked Telima alot, the switch-a-roo at the start was interesting, and the scene where she and the other girls dance around their captive tied to the pole made me smile. It was good to see some payback coming to the males. As for the main character, I did tire of his angst after a while, he needed a good smack upside the bottom to smarten him up. I think I still don't understand how he can be so angsty for lost loves and then get more women and then get angsty about them, it's like he punishes himself constantly. Get a hold of yourself man!

I enjoyed learning about the workings of Port Kar from the political system all the way down to the how they handle slaves. I pictured it as a floating (though not described as such) pirate city full of all types of booty. A book focused solely on the day-to-day workings of Port Kar featuring minor characters would be very intriguing I think.

Captive of Gor is next, I'm hoping it'll be just as action-packed. (or more, more would be good!)



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Each book needs a glossary, but we do have the Encyclopedia book for the RPG which might come in handy although it has spoilers.

Angst in main characters can be done well but often it is frustrating to the reader. Spider-Man and James Bond are exceptionally angsty characters. Merlin (Amber Chronicles) not so much.

Perhaps you should write a book about Port Kar. The dude with the RPG rights might be interested.

I will read this book, however Tales of Peril (J Eric Holmes) comes first and possibly Kyrik Warlock Warrior.