[AD&D1e] Dirn Silv | Human Fighter 9 Magic-User 13 | Rob Kuntz Lost City of the Elders

System: OAD&D

This is the PC I used in Rob Kuntz' adventure at Gary Con VI.

Dirn Silv
Human (reincarnated from Elf); Dual Class Fighter 8 / Magic-User 13
Chaotic Good. Skilled as a shipwright and in desert survival.

AC -2, HP 56

15 Strength
17 Intelligence
12 Wisdom
15 Dexterity
12 Constitution
13 Charisma

"Slit" the Hawk Familiar AC7, HP3

Leather +2, Bracers of Defense AC4, Ring of Protection +2

Longsword +2, Dagger +1, +2 vs. magic using and enchanted creatures, Longbow, 20 +1 arrows, 4 silver tipped arrows

Helm of Teleportation (6), Carpet of Flying (6'x9' 4 persons at 24" speed), Potions of Speed, Extra Healing, and Flying, Custom Power Cube (2 inch cube with a rune on each side with a voice activated power - 1 destroys the cube and turns time back 10 rounds; 2 Feather Fall (as ring); 3 Water Walking (as ring); 4 Remove Trap (as 14th level); 5 Become scentless, silent, invisible for 1 hour; 6 Fly (as per potion), Tome of Magic (18th level scrolls) with Slow, Distance Distortion, Pass Wall, Teleport, Disintegrate, Permanent, Temporal Stasis, Time Stop, Spellbook.

Tinderbox, 35' rope, pouch of sulphur, 2 flasks of sulphur, large metal mirror, bone scrollcase with a feather.

Speaks Common, Troll, Goblin, Kobold, Elf, Halfling, Chaotic Good, most desert languages.

Dirn was once a power hungry Elf who advanced as far as he could while adventuring with a party. His largest leap in knowledge was when the primary spellcaster was killed by an Efreet, allowing Dirn to acquire his spellbook and items. Later he gained a wish and chose to be reincarnated as a Human so he could advance as a spellcaster and is now a power hungry Human.