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RE: What shows have you been watching? - Kersus - 10-13-2014

It feels like a different role for Piper. Dorian Gray reminds me of the main whackadoo from Heroes.

I'm part way through ep3.

RE: What shows have you been watching? - Kersus - 10-15-2014

Well, after ep4 I was still mildly interested. If I can get confirmation that nothing important happens in ep5 I'll skip it. It's painfully boring and I'm not even a quarter of the way through. Scratch my eyes out boring. I don't care where they came from, move forward.

RE: What shows have you been watching? - Kersus - 10-24-2014

Let's see...

I'm really enjoying the Flash. I am ambivalent toward the integration of the Universe with Arrow. I really like that this isn't a dark show. It's nice to have a heroic show that isn't all grey and black. I really hope the nods to Firestorm pan out.

I watched the second season of The Following and honestly, while there's nothing edifying about the show, it is incredibly well done. I think the second season was better than the first, and that was a big surprise.

I'm finally making my way through the second season of Arrow but I can only take it in small doses. The cast is poor and it's another show that writes itself like "I can't believe we got renewed! What do we do now?"

The Mysteries of Laura has some potential but it's also very "Meh."

Gotham has tons of potential and somehow straddles the campy with the dark. It has flaws and strengths and a lot remains to be seen. The cast is good except Fish. She's terrible. My hope is that they don't integrate too many people from Batman's Rogues Gallery too soon.

RE: What shows have you been watching? - rredmond - 10-24-2014

Really digging the new series Scorpion. I find it pretty interesting.

RE: What shows have you been watching? - Oedipussy Rex - 10-25-2014

I'm watching Scorpion but it won't break my heart if I miss an episode. Much the same thing with Kagney and Lacey. Wait, no. Not Kagney and Lacey. Rizzoli and Isles.

RE: What shows have you been watching? - rredmond - 10-27-2014

Grimm is getting that way for me too, like you with Scorpion. If I miss an episode, meh.
I don't like the character called "Trouble". (Where's the eye roll smiley?)

RE: What shows have you been watching? - Oedipussy Rex - 11-06-2014

Caught up with Arrow and Gotham. Arrow is still a soap opera, but I like it. It's gotten less depressingly angsty. And on the Gotham front, it looks like the FOX execs are keeping their idiotic fingers out of the pie. I guess Time Warner is too big a gorilla. Better news, another 6 episodes have been ordered to make this a 22-episode season.

Just read that The Mentalist will have a final 13-episode season starting November 30.

RE: What shows have you been watching? - Kersus - 11-14-2014

Agreed about Arrow. Much of the second season seemed badly contrived to me and most of the cast is terrible. I still want to like it, and overall I enjoy watching it. I like Felicity and the addition of Brandon Routh may well outshine the main character. I really like Routh and he was my favourite Superman.

Gotham is just okay to me but I'll keep watching. I just can't believe how awful Smith is. She's atrocious. I like the rest of the cast and it has potential. I watched the 89 Batman movie last night. Classic.

Besides the Flash, I think my favourite new show is Bad Judge. Light and funny. I heard it was cancelled though which pretty much continues my streak of loving shows no one else does.

I also started watching the new season of The 100, Bob's Burgers, and the new Cristella.

I tried Paradox and it's pretty good, but not really good enough. I also tried Gracepoint which is very good but I'm not in the mood for the depth (Twin Peaks Style) and darkness of it. I also find Tennant hard to understand with a Yankee accent.

SHIELD is okay. I really enjoy Nashville. Go figure. I'm not into Country music but I like the show. The new season of Once Upon A Time is okayish. Marry Me had some funny stuff but I can't figure out how they'll make a series from it. Scandal struggles to make a plot since the end of the first season. Jane the Virgin is also pretty cute. Dominion was okay. I'd like to see the second season of The Next Step. I miss Undateable. Is Longmire coming back?

Oh, How to Get Away with Murder has potential, but it's losing me.

RE: What shows have you been watching? - Oedipussy Rex - 11-14-2014

I don't think it's that the Fresh Princess is a bad actress, it's that she's chewing the scenery for a different Batman series.

Tuned in to Selfie for Karen Gillan and stuck around for the Karen Gillan.

RE: What shows have you been watching? - trp - 11-17-2014

Keeping on with The Walking Dead, and started with a new show, Stalker.

Gave up on this latest season of American Horror Story after only 3 episodes. It's gotten incredibly dumb.