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Gaze Attacks
Coming back to this, ignoring the above for the moment.

S: d20
W: d6/d1
A: d4
D: 5
H: 40
Size: S
Special: Death Gaze, Death Touch

Hatched from a lizard or toad egg incubated by a cockerel (rooster, for the uneducated American). This eight-legged serpent’s gaze can instantly kill, as can its touch. Yes, you read that correctly: a serpent with eight legs. Basilisks are without a doubt among the greatest of abominations against nature. But to continue, anyone within 10’ (1 Combat Movement point) of a Basilisk must roll a Resist A4 every Combat Turn or die instantly from its gaze. A +1 bonus is given to the Resist for every 10’ away up to 50’ after which its gaze is ineffective. Direct skin-to-skin contact with a Basilisk results in instant death, no save.
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