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Tracy's HackMoor Campaign 2015/02/03
This time we got a Large ground beef pizza. For those that don't understand, we have pre-conditions on our Player Pizza's, one Player won't have vegetables, one Player won't have Pepperoni, one Player won't have Chicken, nobody will have anchovies, that leaves either extra cheese, sausage, or other alternatives. Additionally, the Player that won't have vegetables considers mushrooms a vegetable.

Games are on Tuesdays sometime after 5PM at World's Best Comics, 9714 Warwick Blvd Newport News, Virginia 23601.

Before the session started, I informed the Players that I was going to implement a NEW method of playing character flaws. These are inherent to HackMaster characters but not usually acted on because either I have to remember each character flaw as referee or I'm dependent on the character to remember their own flaws. So I took inspiration from a gentleman named Otto Schmidt and created a set of cards. One personalized card for each flaw of each character.

For example, Elefus has numerous flaws, such as Flatulence, Tingling fingers, Scoliosis, and Enmity towards Half-Orcs so I wrote one card for each flaw and put Elefus' name on it. So in a case where Elefus needed to cast a spell, his "Tingling Fingers" card could be played, thus canceling his spell with any somantic component. Or the "Flatulence" flaw could be played while trying to move quietly.

Additionally, rather that have ME remember to play the cards, I handed out random cards to the PLAYERS, excepting no player got one of their own cards. I then stipulated the Players can must play the cards on each other.

This added to the "wildness" of the proceedings. Regular HackMaster cards notwithstanding.


Last week the party were faced with a log cabin in the distance, at nighttime, in the rain, just after an earthquake. There were two "figures" seen outside the cabin, but when approached, quickly disappeared.

One of the Players asked, "What could go wrong with this scenario?" Actually nothing did, but since the question was asked the Players were overly cautious.

Weasel took the lead and went straight towards the cabin, he peeked into the windows and found them shuttered, he checked the door and found it locked. Avoiding the temptation to merely bash the door down he went around the back and the first thing he saw was a small foul smelling shack inscribed with ancient runes even more foul the meaning of which have been lost through time.

The runes said: SPIVEY.

Nonetheless Weasel went to it, opened the door and peered through the hole in what appeared to be a bench and was immediately attacked by a Latrine Ambusher. But as I said nothing untoward happened, as Weasel was wearing his Iron Collar of Iron Skin. Meaning only an edged weapon could hit, natural jaws and teeth not being in this category (even if they are incisors). Weasel killed it and went back to the cabin.

From his new angle of approach he noticed it had a back door. Upon arrival he tried it, found it unlocked.

Meanwhile the rest of the party hung out on semi-protection of the cabin's porch debating whether to stay there or head back to town in the rain. Elefus was suspicious of the whole affair and since he was the company Priest, he cast a Detect Evil spell. Yes! He detected evil. Both in the log cabin as well as from the Impling directly behind him.


The Players reacted quickly enough before Elefus could attempt to kill it.

GM's note: We forgot to tell him of the deal the Kmaregh made the previous week with the Impling to come along, since Elefus' Player was ABSENT and doesn't read these Summaries. Besides the Lawful-Evil Impling was still of the Law side Chaos vs. Law spectrum, and not wholly diametrically opposed to Elefus's Lawful-Good ethos.

Moving right along, Weasel let the party into the Cabin and it didn't take very long for Elefus to find and destroy the Undead Shadows inhabiting the place. (The other three Shadow Demons following the party since the forest level of the Tower. They're apparently smart enough to keep out of Elefus' reach.)

As far as cabin treasure obtained Elefus nabbed a lantern, a pair of crooked dice and a deck of cards. Slim picked up a tarnished silver butter knife.

That being accomplished the party stayed for the night in the cabin performed the usual spell maintenance. Elefus performed a Remove Curse on Honda allowing her to discard the blade.

The next morning as the left the cabin, they were greeting by a short balding old man in greasy rags. Saying "I'm Boo Gah, and I have been sent by the Gawds!" Again the party had to convince themselves not to kill him outright and listen to his story which went: "The demon in the gem - he did not go away, and he does not like you very much. Return to Starport and see, unless you are as weak and frail as you look."

Well the party HAD been debating whether to go to return to Starport or back to Blackmoor. So the odd had just tipped in favor of Starport.

On the way back the party's next encounter was with a pack of a dozen Acid Weasels, which took the rest of the night to fight (about an hour or so) so I won't go there.






Count Elefus, Human Male Deacon
Sir Weasel, Human Guild Soldier, Enchanter, & Myrmidon
Sir Kmaregh Dismal, Human Thaumaturgist
Sir Huang - Master Monk of the Stone Tiger Order
Dame Honda - Human Samurai Bushi
Numrendir - Human Coercer
Krazzek Thunderkeg - Dwarf Gumshoe
Daniella Lia Xiloscent - Half Elf Footpad
Bane - Human Hero (Fighter)


Slim, an Elf Presdigitator/Footpad.


Junkbot Jackson - Tracker/Adept
Gerry Castagere, Human Fingersmith, and ever loving devotee of Elefus
Fundisha - Half-Elf Swordsperson
Tracy Johnson



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