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[DT] Pools of Radiance (for now)
Woo! Two posts in two minutes.

Regular Homo Sapiens.

Pros: You're Human
Cons: You're Human
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Ignoring the THORN stuff for now: Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons belong to Range Classes:

Close - 5'-25'
Short - 10'-50'
Medium - 25'-125'
Long - 50'-250'
Remote - 125'-500'
Ballistic - 250'-1000'

Yes, there is overlap. This is intentional.

In general, Close and Short ranged weapons are thrown (daggers, hammers), Medium and Long ranged weapons are propelled (bows and slings), and Remote and Ballistic ranged weapons are siege weapons (ballistae and trebuchets).

A character can attempt to make an attack at a range one class greater or lower than the weapon's class, but each hit/wound requires 1 additional success.

To add a die to a ranged weapon's pool requires 2 building points. Increasing a die in a pool is still only one BP.

Like melee weapons, ranged weapons have a maximum die rank for the pool. Unlike melee weapons, 1) ranged weapons are all attack, there are no defensive subpools; and 2) ranged weapon require a minimum number of die ranks in the weapon pool before the character can use the weapon (add the rank of each die in the pool).

Some examples:
weapon    range    rank    min    hits  outside
                  /success range
blowgun    close    --    --    --    --
dagger    close    d4    1    1/1    1/2
dart    short    d4    2    1/2    1/3
hammer    short    d6    1    1/1    1/2
short    medium    d6    2
 flight            1/2    1/3
 sheaf*            1/1    1/2
long    long    d8    3
 flight            1/1    1/2
 sheaf*            3/2    3/5
great    long
      /remote    d10    6    2/1    1/1
heavy    long    d8    2    1/1    1/2    
light    medium    d6    1    1/2    1/3
spear    short    d6    2    1/1    1/2
javelin    medium    d6    3    1/1    1/2
sling    medium    d8    2
stone                1/1    1/2
bullet                2/1    1/1
(Amazing isn't exactly how I'd describe the difference in how beautifully everything lines up in the edit window compared what is actually output. What's the point of the code tag if spacing isn't maintained?)
Blowgun darts don't do any damage but act as a delivery method for toxins. Check to see if the toxin was effective for each success.
Sheaf arrows cannot be used to shoot at a greater range.
Crossbows take a turn to reload and can only be fired every other turn.
Great bows technically are long range weapons but suffer no penalty for remote distances. They use arrows designed to withstand the greater force of the great bow. If a standard arrow is used by a great bow, the regular penalties apply for remote distance and the arrow is damaged in the shot.
Getting me free admission into gaming conventions for a decade
Ranged weapons above do too much damage. Even the increased cost of adding a die doesn't compensate. Ranged attacks shouldn't do greater damage than melee attacks outside of mass combat and siege weapons.

Ranged attacks do a ½ hit/wound per success, rounded down, ⅓ for out-of-range attacks. When using sheaf arrows, the same rules apply as in the post above but the damage rounds normally. So a dagger will have 1, 2, and 3 hits with 2, 4, and 6 successes, respectively. A long bow using flight arrows does the same damage as a dagger but does it at a greater range. Meanwhile a long bow with sheaf arrows will have 1, 2, and 3 hits with 1, 3, and 5 successes at long range and 1, 2, and 3 hits with 2, 5, and 8 successes at medium range.

Also getting rid of the minimum ranks required.

Note: ranged weapon can only be used for its designate range, one range greater at a penalty, and one range lower at a penalty. Outside of these three ranges, the weapon cannot be used.
Getting me free admission into gaming conventions for a decade

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