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[ACT] What shows have you been watching?
Showtime On-Demand 18-hour marathon of Twin Peaks: The Return aka Twin Peaks, season 3 (2017). Man, I love David Lynch. I don't understand his work, but I love that man. Who else would spend an entire episode satirizing Kubrick's visual poem from 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Sad Fact: Too many episodes had an "In Loving Memory" at the end of the credits, whether because they had died since appearing in the first two seasons or Fire Walk with Me (Jack Nance, David Bowie, Frank Silva, Don S. Davis, etc.), or because they died soon after filming of season 3 ended (Harry Dean Stanton, Catherine Coulson who died five days after shooting her final scene).

Fun Fact: Catherine Coulson (the Log Lady) was given two In Memory credits, the first as Catherine Coulson (maybe with we middle initial E., can't remember) at the end of episode one, and the second as Margaret Lanterman (the Log Lady's name) in the credits of episode 15.
Getting me free admission into gaming conventions for a decade
Getting me free admission into gaming conventions for a decade
Is it just me, or is the site looking different? A little haggard mayhap?
Hope all is well OR and that you had a great New Years!
I'm enjoying TRACKER this year. I look forward to each episode.

RREDMOND.... I'm guessing the forum needs an update but it may be so far behind.... Also every time I updated it, it broke and I'd spend days fixing it. More unfortunately I can't access the data from the old forum anymore. That's disappointing if Tapatalk deleted it. So much good info there.
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Go to Disney+ to find that, huh, Disney now has the streaming rights to Dr. Who. Wait, The Doctor is now a black man? What? That's not right. Last I saw, Whittaker regenerated into Tennant who is, quite famously, not a black man. So I had to track down the episodes I somehow missed. I'm not going to complain about the "wokeness" of the episodes; anyone doing so has apparently never seen an episode of Dr. Who through the entirety of its existence. What I will complain about was the ham-handed manner in which they handled social issues at times. But all-in-all, the three episodes were better than the whole of Chibnall's run.

As for Ncuti Gatwa, the aforementioned black man, no complaints. At times I think he's still trying to figure out the character, but he's fine.

The episodes so far, however, have had head-shaking moments that make me question Russell T Davies' oeuvre. A goblin cabaret-style song and dance number reminiscent of Gremlins 2? Really? *shakes head*
Getting me free admission into gaming conventions for a decade

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