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Gaze Attacks
Getting back to the trollops: I'm making wholesale changes. Why? Because, dammit.

S: d8
W: d12/d3 or weapon
A: d10
D: 4 + armor
H: 75
Size: M
Special: Snakes: d8

Gorgons are a race of females with snakes for hair and razor-sharp, claw-like nails. While shapely of form, their faces are horrific and the boar tusks really don't help any. Gorgons detest all other races holding an especially hostile malevolence toward the males.

The Medusa
S: d12
W: d16/d3 or weapon
A: d12
D: 6 + armor
H: 100
Size: M
Special: Petrifaction Gaze - 12, Venomous Snakes - see description

The Medusa is the queen of the Gorgons. When the old Medusa dies, a new Gorgon is raised through some unknown ritual to take her place, whereupon she sprouts wings from the back of her head (does not confer flight), increases in power, her hair turns venomous, and she can now turn those who look upon her to stone; a power to which Gorgons are immune.
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