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August Radiance Thread
Not happy with some of what I've come up with but it's day 31 and besides this is pre-rough draft.

A couple definitions/mechanics:

Natural Healing: Time heals all Wounds; it just takes time. A number of days of full rest equal to the number of Wounds the character has to heal a single Wound.

Full Rest: Taking no actions that would require a skill roll, regardless of whether the character has the skill or not.

Healing – Finesse – Speed up the healing process. With a fully Successful Heal check, decrease the time to heal a Wound by one day. Multiple rolls are allowed, but only one roll a day, and for each additional Success an extra day can be eliminated, to the limit of a Wound being healed. The skill can be a substitute for full rest. That is, a character can perform strenuous activities and still be healed from the skill. NB: characters cannot heal themselves without full rest with the sole exception of the Healing skill.

Fishing – Finesse – Applies to any technique for catching fish, including hand gathering, spearing, netting, angling, trapping, etc. TN: 6, Successes: varies on availability of fish.

Forage – Knowledge – Choose biome. With full Success, gather enough food to sustain an individual for a day, with each additional Success feeding another person. TN: 6, outside specialization: 9. Multiple rolls are allowed. Time: 1 Adventure Turn per roll for specialization, 1 Travel Turn per roll outside specialization. Successes: 3

Jumping – Finesse – Long, Broad, High, Vertical, and Vaults. Minimum distances/heights improved by Successes. Values tbd. TN: 6, Successes: 1

Stealthy Movement
 – Finesse – Necessary for hunting wabbits. TN: Armor-based. Successes: conditional on terrain.

Time Sense – Finesse – Know how much time has elapsed, even after sleep or unconsciousness. Can only be taken at character creation.

Shadow – Finesse – Keep a target in sight while remaining unnoticed. Another skill whose details are tbd.

And that's 60+ skills. Should be enough to make players think they have a variety of choices while taking the same five skills with every character.
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