Harvest Gaming 2022 / Samhain Gaming 2022

Furiously Eclectic People
are proud to present our third annual
Virtual Harvest GameCon aka SamhainCon

Come join us for fun and thrilling games as well as a couple groupwatches.

The Totality of Silence, a Hostile Classic Traveller RPG
A Blasphemous Cargo, a Weird Boot Hill Tactical Miniatures Game
Death Temple Sztun, a Mörk Borg Doom Metal RPG
I've Got That Sinking Feeling, a Maze Rats RPG
A Halloween/Harvest themed Gartic Phone Party Drawing Game
Screenshare of The Lodge, a horror stage play turned comedy by the misadventures of the actors and crew
Screenshare of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, the classic 60s Halloween cartoon
Silent Station, a Classic Traveller RPG

There may be more coming but that's what's scheduled so far! Now we need players. A 3$ badge gets you access to all games and screenshares. TTE/Stripe does charge processing fees just over a dollar depending on USA or International.