Girls in IT

The purpose of this blog is to educate women about Computer Science and break the stereotypes that come along with being in a computer-related field.

A survey done in 2003 by the National Science Foundation lists the number of Female full-time graduate students in a number of science and engineering fields. In Computer Science the number was around 8000 out of around 180 000 science and engineering students. The number declines steadily as you head to the engineering statistics, with the lowest being 453 out of 180 000 in Aero Space engineering. Although there has been a pretty steady increase since the 70's, females are barely accounting for 5-10% enrolment in these subjects. You can see the survey statistics

The purpose of this blog is not to demand every woman enroll in Science and Engineering. It's purpose is to raise awareness and break the stereotypes revolving around these fields. As well as to educate on the career's possible.


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I bring your attention to a slightly more interesting, recent and thoroughly researched tome by Mongoose Publishing in 2010 entitled: "Sex, Dice, and Gamer Chicks". Special emphasis to page 14 with the "Wandering Poontang" chart.

Apologies for the out of date info (Life, etc.), but thanks Kersus for adding this section for me.