[2018-10-11] Iron Fist S02

The first episode sucked from the fight choreography to the frightening slow plodding screenwriting. In my head, oh no, they’ve Jessica Jonesed the series and nothing will happen for 8 episodes. Luckily from episode 2-9 it’s pretty engaging.

Ward and his sister’s plotlines seem superfluous. You could remove them and their stuff without impacting the plot although it would then move along quicker which means they’re basically tacked on filler. The acting is good, they’re just unnecessary in this season.

Colleen and Daniel are great together and the actors have chemistry. Misty, not so much. She’s more fish out of water in this season. While she does add a dues ex machina here and there, she mostly exists to slow things down and could also be removed without any real loss to the story.

The rest of the cast are commendable and each have important roles. The villain is fantastic as are all the support roles.

Typhoid Mary is easily the best part of the season and in some way because she was my favourite Daredevil character in the comics. She’s portrayed perfectly by Alice Eve (the hottie from Star Trek: Into Darkness) who is stunning and impactful. She makes this season dramatically better than the first. Her skill at playing this dynamic and difficult character are certainly on full display. No double meaning there as she never strips down like in Star Trek. She is the highlight of this whole series.

The plot is simple enough with no real twists but this time around it’s quite entertaining.

I would say this is the best storyline to come out of Marvel TV so far.



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Season two was definitely much better than season one, and the season ender made me eager for season three. Unfortunately Netflix decided to pass on it. Same with Luke Cage.

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