[2016-11-17] MCU Part 2

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As stated in the previous post's comments, Ant Man was okay and Civil War was just filler with nothing worthwhile.

I look forward to seeing Doctor Strange and hope it isn't as handholding as Inception. There is a slightly similar feel to the trailers for the Iron Fist TV show which should trigger Defenders.

Daredevil is relatively solid although I found the second season to be a little more drudgery than the first. It may be that the Electra angle is weak.

Jessica Jones was sooo slow and this is the first time I have seen David Tennant where he really sucked but I don't think it was his fault; the whole build of his character was terrible. The only episodes worth watching are the ones with Luke Cage in them. He has potential!

Luke Cage.... Well, they went for the same feel as Jessica Jones unfortunately but with a political slant toward Black Lives Matter which is applicable for Cage. The theme music took some getting used to but it grows on you and the show did well until they took out the arch-villain early and then it languished into angsty madness with no real substance. Season 2 could still be better. Cage has a lot of potential. The Doc from Daredevil appears here and becomes integrated. I'm not sure why she prefers Cage over Daredevil but maybe she can't stand the sight of blood anymore. Misty is also introduced and is integrated far too much. She feels tacked on. Apparently according to this show, Harlem is about hope and art. Hopefully we see some Globetrotters soon.

Agents of SHIELD continues to be lightly muddy affairs but the inclusion of Ghost Rider may lift it from stupidity.

On the outside of the MCU pond, more mutant stuff is coming like Legion (maybe included as a Fox/Disney collaboration) and Logan.

Don't read anything about the Fox/Disney trade between Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy. Every article has huge spoilers which ruined some of the fun.

Oh, and if you missed it in 2014 like I did - All Hail The King!



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Doctor Strange was pretty much what the trailer expressed except for the ridiculous finger circles. It had a similar feel to the simplistic Inception but with some fun. It tried very hard to set up a sequel which was shoved down your throat. It even smacks you a few times, "See! See This is what the sequel will be about! See!" It felt like the writer was worried they'd be fired. The acting was better than I expected.

Legion was boring. It has some neat oddities, but otherwise was just long (episode one only).