[MSHIP] Nathan's Mothership S07

Nathan's Mothership "Space Trucking" Session 07
S02 Prison E03 Mutiny
November 14, 2023

> Dean as Seth "Poser" Mader
> Dwight as Captain Cost Effective "Callsign"

Seth, Captain and the Major go downstairs to see Test Subjects. Seth wants armament and the guard convinces him there will be some downstairs. The Major is visibly agitated and twitchy with his shotgun.

Captain asks about the AI Echo Core. He says it was unnecessary and server ability was relegated to experiments

They continue a quarter mile down to find some dead guards, shells and excavation equipment. There is a bloodied woman who screams at the Major for betraying them all. There is gunfire and the Major flees back the way we came. Seth seeks cover and ends up running back up with the Major out of firing distance.

Captain parleys with the one-armed woman. She explains how she was to save the Kulakov Miners but the Major betrayed her. There's talk of 50/50 on a 30K reward. Cap approaches her calmly. There are severed power cables and green glowing cuts in the stone wall.

Captain is worried that he and Seth are going to die with this lot. Wide-eyed he moves to the generator which he finds beat up but fixable. He finds out this is where the Horde came from. A plan forms to save himself, Seth and maybe others.

The Major has a gun and Captain doesn't. The Major is trained and trigger-happy... Maybe his twitchiness and the woman might work as a diversion while he and Seth take him down. He prays Seth will follow his lead. It's their only path out and to The Pumpkin.

Above Seth and Major consider their options while Captain notices both the woman and Major have green glowing like the monsters Seth/Cap faced previously and thinks he may have to kill both for a chance to get out of here alive, however slim that chance might be. Convincing her to play dead, Captain shoots a corpse near her and yells up to Seth & Major that it's safe to come down.

Seth checks for more guns and a keycard. Captain tries not to give away his plan for fear the Major shoots them both.

Captain perfectly sets up the Major and pulls his gun on him from behind. "We might make it out of here alive after all," he thinks. Seth charges across and grabs the gun from Captain who now realizes he's fucked and runs with Seth shooting wildly after him - tagging him heavily. Betrayal!

Captain rolls into the next room and while he waits in ambush for a few minutes he hears Seth threatening the poor one-armed lady and decides to lock the door and move on, finding the Bacta Tanks with the most handsome Magnum PI Motherfucker, a cool androgynous Xhana (you can tell Xe is an adrenaline junkie) and a rugged old Jesse Stone who would probably still turn a few heads. The heat, the action and the wisdom! Perfect! Captain tries to figure out how to save them.

Captain uses his Tech skill to code the door with the square root of Pi repeating and releases all three test subjects. Xe sprawls onto the glass.

Seth finds his keycard not working and gets into an argument with Major who says they need a scientist for the cure. One accuses the other of being a traitor.

Magnum Motherfucker walks right up to Captain with fluid still dripping off his Ferrari-like body, "Thanks for the save, brave and true; a pleasure it is to meet someone like you."

Xhana opens their mouth to show a Gene Simmons tongue.