[2016-08-23] Notes to Ponder

Someone recently mentioned that I was into music based on my twitter feed. It took me back however with some thought, I guess I use Soundcloud to share music that's new too me and touches me somehow.

The reality is that I don't listen to enough music. 

Music inspires, brings back memories, induces feelings, and among other things, soothes the savage beast within.

It can pull you out of a funk or deepen it. It can relax your soul and bring a smile to your face. Music can make you cry.

That last one... When notes played on an instrument with no accompanying vocals can induce strong emotion; it's very special to me. Sometimes the music of someone's voice can accomplish it as well. It's not the words, but the sound. Few wield that great power effectively as we lean far too heavily on words. 

Sometimes though, words have the impact.

Music is special, so kick back, put on some tunes, and enjoy the melody.



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