It's hard to get used to new sleep habits, especially when it comes to sharing a bed.

There's the extra movement and noise as well as lost space to sprawl out. You may feel worried about being a bother and make yourself uncomfortable. You may have different preferences for sheets and heat. You may not be used to another person touching you or draping themselves over top of you. I'm sure there are more things people can list that are concerns...

Yet there is a dramatic benefit. Many of those concerns can become cute or funny. There's a security with someone there and an emotional relaxation that comes with it. We're social creatures and even if it's subconscious, there is great mental benefit from sharing your bed when you can see it for what it is. Human contact. Sure, we may at times grin and bear it for someone we care about, but what if you could both just relax and do your thing? It's amazing what people can adapt to accept and even love. Some habits that don't work can be broken but accepting each other is key. This is something you may not understand the value of until it's gone.

There's a unity and potential stress relief, and if you don't know it, stress is one of the biggest causes of many bad things. Yeah, I'm that technical. Collapsing to sleep intertwined with someone after a marathon of physical intimacy can lead to a deeper, more fulfilling rest than getting up to see them off and trying to get comfortable again.

There are obstacles to this great stress relief, but the reward is worth the journey.

So when you find someone to give you the gift of filling part of your bed, get up early and make them breakfast!