The Dance

For the first time we rented a hall to practice our ballroom dancing.

It's been awhile and I'm still recovering from surgery on my leg but I am eager to move forward.

It was bumpy at first but we ran through everything we knew. It was fun to dance however I think we'll enjoy it more when we start adding new moves. Perhaps 3-4 per practice session?

I used my Q10 (from which I bought 9 songs in the BlackBerry music store - 7 Digital I believe) and plugged it into a modified computer subwoofer and 25+ year old mini stereo speakers. It worked great and we had a good mix. It might be good in the future to create playlists for each dance style instead of a couple mixes like I had set up. I intend to buy a smaller, more portable speaker in the future. Wired would work fine, and bluetooth isn't too bad. It's unfortunate that wifi speakers have increased in price so much lately. Now it's just deciding which speaker (Bose, Logitech, Hipstreet, etc.).

While an instructor may help us in the future as well, we're both good enough to pick up new moves and even new dances fairly easily.

Anyhow, it worked out. We came back afterwards and watched the Montreal Canadiens beat the New York Rangers in game five of the Eastern Conference Championship. We ate a lot of popcorn, some of which didn't end up on the floor ;)