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Hi there,

I am testing this out as a collaborative content and blogging platform. The usage here will start with a two person book club between myself and Archergirl.

We have previously completed two books:

Out Of The Silent Planet by CS Lewis
The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald

We had a good time going through those books together and the next book on the plate is:

Callahan's Lady by Spider Robinson

This book belongs to the same world as Callahan's Crosstime Saloon with a more 'adult' stage yet building on the same type of concepts as the main series.

I personally read this book more than twenty years ago and only recall some basic scenes that were not part of the main plot. At the time it was very new to me and unlike anything I had ever read. I went from this and started reading the Callahan books starting at the first Mary's Place through to the last book written in that series as well as Lady Slings the Booze. I have great memories of Mary's Place and the Florida Keys from the main series. We'll see how this book plays out in my mind now.

Our little book club? Well, the first book was a neutral choice and then Gatsby was Archergirl's choice, and this one is mine. We plan to essentially alternate. We move slowly and give time between each book. This book has fourteen chapters and we'll probably do one chapter at a time.

Each blog post during the readings will contain spoilers, so do not read them if you do not want to read spoilers.

[spoiler]Perhaps we'll get the spoiler tag working as well. Time will tell.[/spoiler]