C4-C5A Hammer time?

There was alot of punning in these chapters. I gotta say I didnt understand most of them, the word game made no sense to me (maybe that was the point?)

I enjoyed the introduction of "Colt', he was a long-"winded" character. It was hard not to giggle at his affliction.

I found the in depth description about the sanitary conditions and health of the various harems to be really interesting. Probably mostly accurate as well, disease !=repeat business.

The Bower was verrrrry intriguing, sounds like a fun place, what with people everywhere and a squishy stain-absorbent floor.

I love how Lady Sally always knows when she is needed, much to "Sherrys" astonishment. She is a queer lady indeed.

I find myself picturing Lady Sally's house like an old-time saloon in a western movie, with ladies in the boned corset dresses doing the can-can next to an old paino.