C1A The man in the buttcheek apron

We started reading Callahan's lady tonight and I gotta say the first chapter just whet my appetite for the book. I had a hard time putting it down.

It was really action-filled and quite humorous. I got a kick out of the 'were-beagle' and laughed quite thoroughly at the balding man in the apron and harness.

One of my favourite lines from the chapter was from that same character, he said '.....please don't tell Mistress Cynthia please don't or she *won't* punish me tonight!' It made me giggle profusely.

I enjoyed the mystique the first chapter builds up, it gives a glimpse of this eccentric world the seemingly main character has no knowledge about.

It was a bit difficult to read the bit about the girl getting stabbed and reading her thoughts of abuse that had happened before. What she said about the illusion of control was interesting, she thought she had control of a big stupid man, but he was also dangerous and unpredictable, you cant have control of someone so chaotic.

I'm really looking forward to reading more, the first chapter was great!



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(2014-06-24) I'm so glad to share this wonderful world with you.