C2K The House - Just Desserts?

After reading this chapter, I wonder if the Callahan books were partly responsible for my core eclectic nature, or if my core eclectic nature allowed me to truly enjoy these tales...

The chapter's title pretty much tells you what it's about. Misunderstandings are clarified, some introductions made, and we receive a quick tour of the house. I can see how this enamoured me as a teenager however as an adult I think, just as I would about Callahan's Place or Mary's Place, I could fine a suitable substitute in real life. Do I meet the standards though? Truly, you might spend a lifetime seeking out something that feels "right" with respect to these places. A God's Blessing here, a Pookah there... Let's go save the world!

The discretion along with the alertness of the characters was intriguing. The quality of the mansion does seem in the realms of fantasy and yet I believe the type of people we meet could exist. I have almost zero recollection of the meat and potatoes of this story and look forward to reading more. I already feel the loving hug this book is starting to give me, but I'll bet I not only learn something new, but that I will also learn something new about myself through reading this again.

So far I've learned that proper age, training, and attitude have a significant place in this house.