C3A Turning Japanese?

This chapter made my head spin a bit, there was alot going on!

We learned more about Maureen and her 'army brat' past. I loved how Lady Sally figured out she could speak Japanese, I was very confused about why she was saying anything in Japanese.

The pun Maureen made by responding to the Japanese speech with "High" just hit me now..."Hai" is yes in Japanese. I like little jokes like that, makes me chuckle.

I'd like to know more about The Professor, from what I got, he's a swindler that Maureen worked for briefly, as a helper and lover it seems. Lady Sally was also familiar with him, so that says something about his fame.

I was dismayed at Big Travis showing up again, he's like a stubborn weed. How he was taken care of was quite amusing, I really love Charles and his were-beagle-ness.

In the end, Maureen does work for Lady Sally, she seemed to have passed a final test that made her worthy in Lady Sally's eyes...or maybe Lady Sally knew Maureen had the right stuff all along



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(2014-07-06) I would think that Sally knew all along and told Maureen what she needed to hear (The Matrix used this idea as well). It's hard to be certain but that's my thought.