Crochet Pattern: Do cowls stay awake all night?

I've been hunkered down this week, enjoying the snow and lots of knitting and crocheting.

I had a ball of Loops and Threads Impeccable, in a pretty pastel multi colourway. It is a soft yarn that goes thick and thin, making it really interesting visually.

I wanted to make something loose and airy yet still soft and warm, so I grabbed a crochet hook and had a go.

I came out with a lovely, loose and soft cowl that looks like superkid icecream!

Size 9 mm hook
Any sort of fuzzy yarn, preferably with an uneven thickness.

Cast on 90 sts using foundation double crochet (Written tutorial for FDC )
Join without a twist (add a marker if you want to keep track of start)
Dc in the back loop of previous dc (this gives it a nice line on right side)
Do not join at end of round, just keep going.
Repeat for 10 rounds
Fasten off
There will be a space that needs sewn up after the initial FDC round, then you're finished!

You can fasten off at end of round or keep going until you run out of yarn, the different thickness of the yarn makes it less noticeable if you end mid-round.

The fdc makes it nice and stretchy, no more tight cast on edge.

Mine ended up being 9 inches high and 42 inches around, with a stretch of at least 10 inches.

Put cowl on, wrap around your head until your face is covered and enjoy!