Knitting Pattern: The Hateful knit!

I haven't seen The Hateful Eight yet but I did see enough screenshots to notice the awesome knitwear on the characters.

This is a start of a multi-part series from the Hateful Eight I'm hoping.

This pattern is for Samuel L Jackson's character Major Marquis Warren, he wears a long manly scarf that wraps around so many times!

I wasn't really sure what to call this scarf pattern....The Hateful Knit...The Scarf-ful Eight...The Handknit weight?

(Boring I know)

Size us 13 needles (Check out my fave here)

I Held 3 strands of worsted yarn, two dark grey and one cream/beige together. (If you want it a bit looser, use 2 strands of yarn).

Cast on 20 sts (cast on 2 extra sts to do a selvage edge, knit first st and slip last st of every row, to stop curling, otherwise do a round of single crochet around scarf once finished.)

Do Stockingnette st-knit 1 row, purl 1 row
Go until you can wrap the scarf around and it still reaches your bum! (Approx 6-8 ft)
Make sure to save yarn for the fringes.
Take 3 strands (2 grey, 1 cream), cut to 6 inches and tie fringes across bottom and top. (Will need at least 40).

Voila! Now you have a badass scarf that is warm, thick and manly! (Grow a mustache to complete the effect).