W.I.P's and Carpal Tunnel

I've had ALOT of extra time on my hands lately, so I've spent most of it knitting and crocheting.

As a result my hands have been going numb and tingly when I go to bed at night. That means it was a goooood days work!

I was down to 3 projects on the go. I was working on this in a nice black acrylic/mohair blended yarn. As well I was working away on my Ugly Scrap Blanket using the Elizabeth Zimmerman inspired pattern and my Boucle Blanket using the pattern.

Then I saw my half finished Hateful Eight Scarf from a couple weeks back. I was watching hockey and sped-knit it until it was longer then any scarf needed to be. I found my folder of screenshots from the Hateful Eight (Which I still haven't seen but am obsessed with for some reason) and got a fire under my butt to replicate the other scarves.

Now I've got Bob the Mexican's ribby scarf on my needles, and Daisy Domergue's little nubby scarf too.
I'm hoping to publish all the patterns within the next week.

I usually make a point to crochet scarves because knitting them takes FOREVER. But having an additional 40 hours a week to yarn right now has made me less impatient.

Whatever happened to my thrummed mitts? I started the second one, the cuff is done and I'm at the point where I need to start thrumming and the thought made me weep (my roving pieces have melted into a big chunk again) so those are on hiatus until I run out of other things to knit.

It's been a stressful week and I'm so happy I have yarn and some needles to provide some relief. I think I'd be in a padded room otherwise.

See below for the WIPS. (in order of mention).