[SCHWA] Yessoff Coarse

System: ə (Sorcerer Character Has Warrior Adventure)

Yessoff Coarse the Human Mime

Sorcerer 5 (d8); Warrior 5 (d8); Adventure 6 (d10)
Defence 2; Health 40

Spells - Heal, Magic Dart
Weapons - Longbow d2 (twice a turn), Longsword d2/d8
Armour - Scale Mail d4-1

Pet rat "Ratsputin" (negligible stats - normal rat befriended - may be diseased)

Equipment - Backpack, 50' rope, 6 torches, 10' pole, wine skin, rations, flint & tinder, 2 medium sacks

Yessoff is quite adept at charades but the rest of his party isn't and often mock him for his wily attempts to be discreet.