Feeling like a Basket-case

I noticed the section beside my couch was getting taken over by yarn projects and tools. I have a small basket there right now but it was overflowing with many things, including a blue blanket WIP, making it look as if it was crying blue fibre-y tears.

I found a pattern on ravelry for a , I figured it was a sort of poetic justice if I used yarn that was causing part of the mess to make a basket to organize the mess.

I worked on this basket for a good 4 hours, using up all my grey yarn. (50 shades of grey basket?)

I couldn't really get the hang of the fptrc2tog and even with 2 strands and a small hook the sides of my basket were droopy as heck. For a moment I was tempted to fasten off and use it as a cat bed, but in the end I frogged it. (Cat is super picky anyway!)

It was my first and last attempt at a basket for the foreseeable future.

I solved the yarn overflow problem by re-arranging my stash to free up an actual wicker basket to put beside my couch. After putting everything in it, the area is tidy but the basket is already FULL. At least I know where all my grey yarn is. Maybe I should get a giant laundry hamper to have beside the couch for my projects.

Besides the froggy basket I've been working steadily on my 10-stitch blanket, trying to work the ends in as I go. I went to a wedding recently and it involved enough of a car trip for me to almost run out of scrap yarn for the blanket.

I've been pulling the yarn for the blanket out of a small tote bag where I put all my scrap balls, but had to start separating it. I was coming across super chunky bits and thick pieces of wool that didn't work with the blanket, not for lack of trying though. I foolishly attached those yarns but I ripped the bits out so the blanket wouldn't have hard spots...seems like that's a bad thing for a blanket to have.

I've separated my scraps into chunky, wool, cotton and acrylic. I see more of these blankets in my future!

Once I separated the fibers I realized I didn't have much left of the worsted acrylic scrap balls, so I ended up buying a bag of small balls of yarn from my local thrift store...that's still keeping in spirit with the scrap blanket...right? Guess I can't call it a stash-buster anymore though.

I got my pattern published to Ravelry finally, I was waiting until I got some better pictures of it.

Major Bob's scarf is chugging along , as well as Daisy's. With the weather warming up and the snow melting I am much less inclined to want to make winter accessories so their progress has slowed considerably.

My boucle blanket has fallen to wayside these past few days as well, I want to make spring things!

I have the urge to make baby clothes, brightly coloured spider-web shawls, and pastel dishcloths, Oh and this .