Yarns Knot? Not me!

One thing I've never understood as a knitter is fiber snottery. I don't understand it so thoroughly that I had to make up my own word!

I love a good ball of purple super saver acrylic as much as I love a skein of soft blue baby llama.

As far as my stash goes I would say it's mostly acrylic with a dab of natural fibers here and there. I have a book case full of acrylic, a 3 tiered drawer on wheels overflowing with wool, a dresser drawer emboldened with cotton , another brimming with fuzzy fleece (that I'm never going to use...it's a bizarre blue/white colourway) and finally a drawer containing some lovely skeins in all types of fibers. (And skeins they will stay until I feel like spending an entire day whining...winding them.)

I've made things that look beautiful from acrylic and awfully ugly things from wool. I've knit up cotton that split into quadruplets and acrylics that drape like a million bucks.

I guess I'm an equal opportunity fibre-ist. Sure I've bought some absolutely hideous yarn that ended up gifted to someone but in general I haven't met a ball of yarn I haven't liked.

Is it a money thing? It's possible, I certainly can't afford to have an entirely natural stash. Although now that I think about it, if I tried that I'd have a much much smaller stash and therefore more room in my second bedroom, but I digress.

I don't judge anyone that only buys natural stuff but I certainly have felt judged by others about my yarn purchases. I was at a knitting store warehouse sale and gleefully filling my basket with some plush chunky acrylic yarn and a lady breezed by me, her nose in the air, exclaiming how SHE would NEVER buy such acrylic yarn, SHE only buys natural fibers. I may have piled more of the yarn in my basket just to annoy her. (Who am I kidding, I'd have done that anyway!)

I guess I understand yarn snotting as much as I understand not having a stash. (Unless it's a moustache).

If ever I'm a billionaire, then maybe I'll buy cashmere yarn, Addi click needles and tut at those with less refined tastes than I. Oh you bought buffalo yarn? I got a skein of yarn off an endangered turtle from the Galapagos Islands that was hand-dyed by an elephant with the tears of a hummingbird.