Knitting Pattern: The Hateful Weight! Daisy's Scarf.

This the third and final part of my Hateful Eight series.

This time we're looking at Daisy Domergue's lovely bumpy orangey scarf.

I wasn't able to get a good look at the ends so I'm unsure if it has fringes. It's a nice textured fabric and I decided to go with a Double Moss Stitch to get that look.

For mine I used a yarn with uneven thickness because it was the closest to the colour I wanted in my stash, (Lazyness + 1) however you could use any worsted weight yarn. Gauge doesn't really matter here, as long as it covers your neck and wraps around at least once.

Here it is! Daisy not-Duke's scarf.

Size 8 US/5.0 mm Needles (Check out my fave here)

1 strand of worsted weight yarn

Cast on 20 sts (or any even amount)

Row 1 and 2: k1,p1 across
Row 3 and 4: p1,k1 across

Repeat rows 1-4 until end

Cast off