Shawl we dance?

I really dislike summer, I'm not made for heat. I sweat like a man and have the complexion of a vampire.

However season changes make me want to make things, because I'm the most polygamous yarner ever. I can't stick to even 2 or 3 projects, I usually have 5-6 on the go, sometimes up to 10. Of those, most....some....will get completed? It really depends on my attention span. My blankets have fallen to the wayside because working on a heavy blanket when it's 80 degrees inside is not my idea of fun.

I had 6 projects on the go and the warm weather caused me to cast on two more, in pastel and summer like colours. I have no idea who these projects are for, I'll stick them in my gift-basket with all the other things I've made that have no owner yet.

One of the new projects is a sort-of-lace . I cast it on and was merrily knitting my way into the eyelet section when I saw a very noticeable mistake about 8 rows down. I really didn't want to frog hundreds of stitches back to fix this mistake but I knew it would drive me crazy if I left it, Not to mention it ruins the line of the shawl. I remembered the yarn harlot made a a while back about fixing mistakes in a shawl. I went to her blog and decided to try her method on my shawl. I knit to where the mistake was, put the mistaken stitches on a new needle and tinked back until I got to the mistake. I labelled every strand for each row and the proceeded to use these loops to knit and purl my way back up.

It was going fine the first two rows, then the loop started getting tighter for each row, until eventually I had nowhere near enough yarn to complete the row. Why would that be? Oh...the mistake I made was omitting some increases. I realized I'd need to frog all 8 rows in order to fix my mistake. I did it and after an hour of frogging and swearing I finally fixed the mistake. I rewound all the loose yarn back into the ball and put the shawl away for it's own safety. I haven't touched it since, once I stop being mad at it I'll pick it up and try again.

After the shawl fiasco I needed a distraction. So I decided to make an apple cake in the rice-cooker, because turning the oven on was NOT happening. I was expecting the cake to suck but you know what? It was delicious! Who knew a rice cooker could do that?!

For now I'm working on my , it's been so much nicer to me than the shawl.

I had a visitor while I was trying to arrange my shawl, Guiness sniffed out both projects and gave them her paw of approval.



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Very nice post. I enjoyed reading it.

What is casting and frogging?

Good Questions!

Casting on is looping the yarn around the needles a certain number of times to start a project. Once I cast on, I can then knit those loops.

Frogging is ripping out stitches, its called this because when you take out stitches you 'rip-it rip-it'. (I can't even take credit for the definition, knitters are so clever!)

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That seems like a real leap.