Write a little each day

Well, I don't have any specific inspiration today, nor will I actually add an entry each day. I have two other blogs to keep going, so a couple times a month may be about right for me.

I remember when I was creative. I would doodle, write poetry, write short stories, and make adventures for PnP RPGs. Somewhere in my adulthood I lost some creativity. I imagine there are a few reasons, but I think two are the biggest. Lack of use and adversity. The former because creativity is part of your brain and your brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised. The latter because I gave too much effort to dealing with adversity and often allowed it to affect more of my life than it should.

Now, I think drawing is lost on me, however I can still write. When it comes to adventures, it's hard to decide which system to use. OSRIC? D&D 5e? Generic? Most of my adventures have been run in OSRIC and Lejendary Adventure. I say OSRIC to include any AD&D1e style systems like HackMaster 4e.

Anyhow, one of the things that makes me who I am, is a large eclectic set of interests. Lately I've been trying to focus those interests, but there isn't any one thing that I'm fanatical over. Maybe I'm searching for it, or perhaps I need to have a few hundred hobbies.

So three blogs.... What am I thinking? What is their focus? Well, one has a distinct focus but I use a pseudonym for anonymity. The other two really lack any focus. This one should be more business related while the other one more personal (what I'm reading and such). I guess it begs the question, can we ever share all of ourselves in one spot or will it sear people's eyes and brains? Can anyone handle all of what another person is?