Hyper Extending Myself and Fibre withdrawl

I complete patterns faster that I'm not making for anyone. I started an afghan because I had the perfect yarn for it, and all my other projects fell to the wayside. I sped along making the afghan, it was like a compulsion. I finished the afghan, put it away and went back to my other projects, like nothing had happened.

Shortly after that I injured my arm in kickboxing class. Long story short ,I was grappling with someone, they fell on me and my right (dominant) arm collapsed. Result? Sprained wrist, hyper extended elbow with torn ligaments, and a very sore shoulder. Looking at a few months of recovery time at least. The worst part? I'm not allowed to knit or crochet (or kickbox for that matter). :(

I spent the first couple weeks sulking and doing nothing. Then I started researching one-handed crochet ing! I wondered if I could crochet with my left hand and take my right hand mostly out of the equation. I found a video that helped me do this, I sit the crochet hook on my knee and loosely grip it with my right hand and then use my left to do all the movement. video helped me figure it out and now I can crochet again, albeit very very slowly. Despite me only being able to go about 6 inches across my granny square in a half hour I am very happy to be crocheting again.

I also pulled out a latch-hooking kit I got at a yard sale a few years back and am attempting to do it with my left hand. Progress is slow, but steady.

No new pictures of unfinished or finished objects this time,but enjoy this picture instead:

Kitty gone wild!!



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She's a cutie.