One-handed Hooking

I finally got tired of not being able to knit or crochet properly this past week. For the past while I've been doing a one handed crochet with my left hand that is very slow. I finally figured out a comfortable position that allows me to crochet normally and almost at the speed I'm used to. I was having serious yarn withdrawl and started a baby afghan to ease it. Now the shakes are going away and I'm feeling like myself again!

I started this , it's a very simple and quick pattern. I am using Bernat Baby Cakes in the colourway Clownin' Around.

The colour works up nice but the pattern is definitely more eye-catching with a self-striping yarn.

I finally finished the granny square afghan I've been working on, I didn't like the chain spaces between the clusters so gradually changed it to have no spaces. I rather like how it turned it out. It'll go in my growing pile of people-less finished projects for now. This is becoming a habit...

A new antique store opened up near us and on my first visit I came across a fantastic knitting tote.

It's an Eagle Good to Go Tote bag, and I snagged it for $5.00. I can't wait to start using it!

In other news, Pokemon Go. I don't have any compatible devices for it but I managed to get it working on my Lenovo IdeaTab after a couple weeks of trying. I've been doing lots of walking (pokemon training ) since then, thank you Nintendo! The only thing that doesn't work is the shop, which is definitely a good thing for my bank account.