One True RPG

Many gamers seem (according to what I read on the Internet) to have that one game. The one game that fits right for them as the go-to game.

I don't.

I remember having them; two to be specific. From the 70's through somewhere around 2000 or so it was OAD&D. After that it was Lejendary Adventure.

At some point in the last few years I've started searching again.

Now, I'll play any RPG, and even run numerous different systems quite happily, but I have this hunger for a go-to system again. It must be a system I can play at a moment's notice, so overly complicated systems are unlikely candidates.

Recently when decided she wanted to kill me in 's Monty Haul's Lesser Tower of Doom she asked me, "What system?"

What system? My first concern was what system would be easiest for her to run. I finally realized she just wanted me to be happy, but I'm pretty easy going as a player. I think right now I'd choose Lejendary Adventure. Regardless, I responded with a list of games for her to choose from. This list included Legendary Adventure, Spellcraft & Swordplay, OSRIC, and Castles & Crusades.

I got her PDFs of S&S as well as OSRIC and gifted her the 3 core books for Legendary Adventure. No choice has been made yet. The adventure itself comes with system neutral stat blocks. When I asked Jim what system he recommended, the response was a an enthusiastic AD&D1e (which I translate as OSRIC).

Of course there are so many other systems as well. Perhaps Swords & Wizardry would be easiest for her. Maybe we need to think much simpler. It's pretty much a dungeon crawl, I think. The system should be gritty and easy to run.

If there was a decent Fantasy version of Silhouette, I'd certainly go with that, but Tribe 8 is far too focused on the setting. I think an amalgamation of the simplest parts of Lejendary Adventure and Silhouette would result in the perfect RPG.

What sits in my mind is her experience. Up until the most recent GaryCon, she had played D&D4e and Lejendary Adventure. She got to play Cyberpunk and Lance at GCVI, and maybe a few other systems. Strangely, no AD&D1e.

I've setup a campaign to run her through using Lejendary Adventure. She wanted a Japanese Fantasy campaign, so I researched some good female archetypes and made her some Avatars. The adventure side is easy.

Twice a year I get together with friends and I've been switching up the system constantly. So far the popular one is ORE (One Roll Engine) however Spellcraft & Swordplay was also enjoyed. The next get-together is in a month and I need to decide and prepare a small scenario. In 6 months we do the longer session.

I also recently started a forum Play-by-Post using the SCHWA system however it's at a standstill while I wait on the only player. That's a long story of forums and servers.

Right now I'm reading a Doctor Who RPG sourcebook (First Doctor), Scenic Dunnsmouth (LotFP), "Further" Adventures in the Northern Wilderness (Palladium FRPG), Valiant Universe QS (Cosmic Patrol), and BESM dungeon.

If HackMaster 4e had been edited into a new edition, I would enjoy that, but I have no interest in trying to teach that game to someone. It's a ton of fun, but as written and laid out, it needs work. Unfortunately they took out everything I loved in 4e to make the overly serious 5e.

Simple, easy to teach, easy to grasp. The last get-together I had with friends, I ran a systemless game. I had the adventure prepped and made the system up as we went. They made basic descriptions of their characters with some strengths and weaknesses and away we went. The system went really well however the adventure was a little too slow which was my fault. I pretty much had them roll percentile for most things.

Well, I've rambled on enough. Have a great week!



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I also recently started a forum Play-by-Post using the SCHWA system however it's at a standstill while I wait on the only player. That's a long story of forums and servers.

Yeah. Sorry about that.


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We could play on Discord?

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No worries, now we're waiting on me :) Soon we'll continue if you'd like. Too bad we can't drum up another player or two.